6 recommendations for decorating a narrow hallway

Do you have a narrow hallway in your house and you have trouble thinking about its decoration? In this article we give you some tips to decorate this space.

Last update: November 26, 2021

When decorating a house, you tend to think first about spaces such as the living room, the dining room, the study or teleworking office and the bedrooms. However, there are areas that play an important role in interior design, but generate a greater challenge. In this article we will give you some ideas to decorate a narrow hallway and take advantage of the space strategically.

Narrow corridors are a challenge in decoration because one more piece can make it look recharged and leaving it empty creates desolation. One of the goals when you have small spaces is to achieve a more spacious impression.

This type of hallway is common to find at the entrances of apartments and houses. What’s more, they can be the ones that connect the rooms with the rest of the house. So they are transit spaces.

However, for this reason they are not useless at home and in decoration. In fact, if used strategically, they can be a very pleasant space and complement the rest of the decoration of the place.

Tips for decorating a narrow hallway

As we have already mentioned, decorating a narrow hallway can be a challenge to creativity. However, it doesn’t have to be tormenting.

It will be fun if you let your imagination run wild, focusing on the potentiality of this space and not on its difficulty. As for ideas, below we will share several that are suitable for different types of hallways.

1. Choose colors that generate spaciousness

One of the fundamental aspects to decorate a narrow corridor and make it look pleasant is make a good choice of color palette, because to a large extent it will determine its amplitude and light. Especially when it comes to very small hallways that do not allow furniture.

If you want the hallway to look spacious and bright, it is best to opt for light colors, such as white, beige, pale pink or light blue. However, if you also want it to have warmth, opt for yellow undertones or the earth range.

On the other hand, if the ceilings are high, painting the back wall in a stronger shade can also be a good idea that will give a lot of style to the space.

A long corridor can be favored with light tones on its walls, generating a feeling of spaciousness.

2. Use a mat to shorten

Sometimes the narrow corridors are also very long and seem endless. In these cases, it is convenient to use a mat or rug that helps to generate a visual effect of shortening.

Therefore, it must be a shorter mat. In addition, as it is a transit area, the ideal is that it also be made of a material that can be walked on and does not get too dirty.

On the other hand, rugs bring warmth and life. As for the style, it is better to match the rest of your home decor. However, you can also choose a neutral decoration, since it is a space that connects with other rooms that may not have the same design as each other.

3. Use furniture that is out of the way

When the hallways are narrow It is convenient to have decoration and furniture that allow you to walk through them easily. However, it is not about having the area completely empty.

Tall furniture can be a good option. For example, you can use shelves, coat racks, furniture attached to the wall or, in general, those that are thin and with straight lines.

If the hallway has a space at the end available or a slightly wider area, an excellent idea is use furniture that has storage functionality. For example, a bench that is a drawer inside. Also, a shoe rack when entering the house is a good option.

4. Put adequate lighting

The most usual thing is that narrow corridors do not have natural light. However, this is not an excuse for having a poorly lit space.

To achieve good lighting you can put a simple lamp that hangs from the ceiling. It should be simple or without much decoration, because the hallway is narrow and has to be seen in harmony. Another very nice alternative is the light fixtures on the wall.

5. Go for a built-in library

Libraries, in addition to being functional for organizing books, allow you to put decorative elements such as photographs, vases, crafts or small sculptures.

It is common for some corridors to be between two beams of the house. That is, that they have a space in which they can put shelves or design a built-in library. It is important that you play with the lighting and put objects that generate light. They can be made of glass or in light colors.

Furniture for a narrow hallway should be straight lines and not take up too much space.

6. Choose decorative elements that fit the space

When decorating a narrow corridor it is necessary to think of objects that do not obstruct the space and allow unhindered circulation. For example, it is not convenient to have a huge pot or a very large piece of furniture. Then, elements are suitable on the walls, such as photographs or paintings. In fact, put together a collage Harmonic with various picture frames is a great idea.

Apply feng shui principles in your narrow hallway

Hallways should not be a forgotten place for decoration. On the contrary, they are very important areas in the home that can be exploited through the use of elements such as furniture, textiles, lighting and color.

The corridors in the houses are often part of the hall. For him feng shui, an ancient art that seeks to create harmonious spaces that have a positive influence, the hall is one of the most fundamental sections of the home. According to this philosophy, the space should look bright and orderly.

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