6 reasons why the Japanese diet helps you lose weight

There are several reasons why we should take an example from them. The Japanese country has always been one of the most exemplary for its food, and it is obvious that the Japanese claim to be the longest-lived in the world, have an iron health and also, always stay slim. Of course, genetics, lifestyle, environmental factors … are also determining factors. Japan is also one of the countries with the lowest incidence registered in cases of cardiovascular disease, cancer or overweight. After seeing what is your simple trick to lose weight, what are the 5 healthiest Japanese foods that we should include in our diet and what is the tip of the Japanese to stay slimmer, we wanted to see what are the keys to your diet that they are so good at helping us lose weight.

1. The way of cooking food

The preparation that they normally use to cook their meals are always boiled, grilled or steamed foods, which are, in turn, the cooking methods with which nutrients prevail more in food.

2. Your healthiest accompaniment

We know that one of the foods that you cannot miss in your meals is rice. It is a slow absorbing complex carbohydrate that helps us stay satiated for a longer time and also provides a healthy and healthy supply of energy and fiber (much more than for example, the bread that in our case would be food in Comparison of accompaniment in our meals).

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3. Vegetables always present

Another food that is never lacking in your meals is vegetables. The rations are always accompanied by some of their favorite and native like bamboo, kabocha or Japanese pumpkin, bok choy … typical of the Japanese country. A great way to offset carbohydrates in rice.

4. The portions are balanced

In Japanese cuisine, less is always more. The amount of nutrients thanks to the ingredients and the way of cooking they use is enough reason for the portions of their dishes are just, necessary and sufficient to satisfy us. Also, his habit of eat with chopsticks it makes them eat food much more slowly, which helps digestion and also satiate us sooner.

5. Good fats (almost) always

Another virtue of the Japanese diet is that the fats they use for their meals are always (or in most cases) good. The fish always has a privileged place on its menu while the consumption of saturated fats, like meat, is much lower. Omega-type fats, which we find in fish, are always good allies to prevent cardiovascular problems, blood pressure and cholesterol.

6. Tea time

Green tea is one of the drinks most ingested by the Japanese. Is rich in antioxidants, accelerates metabolism so it helps us lose weight and is also a diuretic. It is very popular in Japanese culture, so much so that we find many desserts, cookies, ice creams that contain this ingredient.

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