6 myths about carbohydrates that you shouldn't believe

The ketogenic diet has banished carbohydrates completely, there is no doubt about that. Although low carbohydrate diets will not disappear in the near future due to the results they entail, the truth is that the reign of food plans that eliminate pasta, rice and derivatives begins to falter.

And, according to experts, the total elimination of carbohydrates from the diet not only brings about the increase in binge eating due to anxiety, but once the diet is over, once again eating carbohydrates we will gain weight again. As Leslie Langevin, author of the book 'The Anti-Inflammatory Kitchen Cookbook' states, carbohydrates are not the enemies and can even help you lose weight.

What myths about carbohydrates should we banish?

-Eat carbohydrates including the fruit, brown rice and bread It does not automatically translate into weight gain. Carbohydrates are important for a balanced diet both for energy and to benefit from their nutrients, so it is not impossible to include them in a diet to lose weight.

-And, consume starchy carbohydrates Resistant as beans, lentils and potatoes can help you lose weight, since these foods make you feel full for longer. The only thing you have to worry about is the quantity, which should not exceed one cup.

-The protein is not more important than carbohydrates When it comes to losing weight. The three macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats) are necessary for our body to function normally. Protein is necessary for muscle growth – and also post-workout recovery – and makes us feel satiated for longer. But carbohydrates provide energy to feel more active, so getting rid of them completely in the diet is not recommended.

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-Carbohydrates, yes. But not in Industrial quantities. The most beneficial is to include carbohydrates in each meal in small portions instead of consuming a gigantic plate of pasta or rice. In the balance with protein and vegetables is the key.

-And to dinner? Although experts say that you should not consume carbohydrates at night, the truth is that these will not immediately become fat by magic. Nothing happens if you consume them for dinner while in the rest of the meals you have not abused.

-It is better to eat carbohydrates in the morning. Error. This is a myth, while these are wisely distributed throughout the day, no matter what time you consume them.

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