6 medicinal plants that fight the symptoms of gastroenteritis

Gastroenteritis is a condition whose cause can be viral or due to the consumption of some food in poor condition. However, it is important to take the right remedies to treat your symptoms and avoid dehydration or other health problems.

In this article we detail which are the most effective medicinal plants to combat gastroenteritis. In this way we can relieve their most frequent symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, discomfort in the abdominal area or loss of appetite.

Medicinal plants for gastroenteritis

Here we propose 6 very effective medicinal plants to relieve the symptoms of gastroenteritis and accelerate the recovery of this condition. In this way, we will notice a great improvement without needing to resort to stronger medications.

These medicinal plants can be consumed in infusions, juices, oils, etc. We can take some or others according to their properties, or combine some of them in infusions to enhance their healing virtues.

1. Ginger

Ginger is one of the best remedies we can take when we suffer from gastroenteritis. This root has the virtue of combating the nausea and vomiting so frequent in this condition, as well as being a potent antibacterial and antiviral.

  • We recommend preparing a decoction of ginger, which can be fresh or dry, and take it in small drinks.
  • If our body does not accept any drink yet We can suck a piece of fresh ginger or smell a little of its essential oil.

2. Cinnamon

This exotic spice has so many medicinal properties that we should always use it in our recipes, both sweet and salty. We can also take it in infusions and shakes. However, we must make sure that it is the variety of Ceylon, which is the one that stands out for its therapeutic virtues.

  • Cinnamon up the defenses and has anti-inflammatory and anti-diarrheal properties. To treat mild gastroenteritis we can take it as an infusion, sweetened with honey, spoonfuls or small sips.
  • Another alternative is to prepare a pot in which we will mix this spice with honey, in equal parts. We will only have to take a teaspoon every hour until we recover from gastroenteritis.

3. Anise

This delicious and aromatic seed is not only a great digestive remedy. In case of suffering from gastroenteritis, the anise helps us control nausea and vomiting. In addition, once we have overcome this symptom, this medicinal plant reduces inflammation, relieves acidity and stabilizes the stomach.

  • Anise has a very pleasant taste, especially when we suffer from vomiting or other digestive disorders. We can take it in infusion or its essential oil.
  • If we choose oil, we can dilute a drop in a spoonful of honey and take it 3 times throughout the day. However, we must ensure that it is a pure essential oil and suitable for consumption.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is the queen of spices thanks to its antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory or analgesic properties, among others. In addition, it also facilitates liver function and improves digestion.

Taking turmeric during gastroenteritis will be a great relief, thanks to its ability to reduce gastrointestinal inflammation and calm any possible pain. In addition, its antibacterial power will strengthen our defenses to fight pathogenic germs.

  • We can take the turmeric in infusion, combined with other medicinal plants.
  • We can also add it to soups and stews. A soup with garlic, onion, turmeric and other vegetables will prove an excellent remedy.

5. Chamomile

Chamomile is a gentle but effective medicinal plant, with results similar to those of anise. This remedy reduces inflammation and fights bacteria, so it is a good solution to treat gastroenteritis.

  • A very interesting combination is the infusion of chamomile with anise, especially when we suffer from nausea and vomiting. We can go taking it in small sips until we recover completely.

6. Mint

Mint is a medicinal plant with antimicrobial and antispasmodic properties. Thanks to these two virtues we can provide great relief for most symptoms of gastroenteritis, such as intestinal cramps, nausea, swelling or digestive discomfort.

  • Mint, with its delicious and refreshing taste, is a remedy that is pleasant during this condition. Therefore, we can take it as an infusion.
  • Another alternative would be to prepare a homemade juice of apple, ginger and fresh mint.