6 ideas for making your own napkin rings

The napkin holders comply with the double function table. On the one hand, they allow to organize the napkins. In addition, they are a decorative element; An original napkin holder will be an attractive ornament on any table. The option of making your own napkin rings will give the tables a personal and emotional touch.

What materials do you need to make your own napkin rings? The materials will depend on the chosen model. It is possible to use materials of different types; The idea is that making your own napkin rings is an enjoyable activity that allows a good result.

Some ideas for making your own napkin rings

The first step is to think about what kind of event napkin rings will be integrated into the table. They have to harmonize with the situation and with the rest of the elements that will be installed. We present some ideas:

1. Napkin rings with cardboard rings and washi tape

Some simple cardboard rings can be transformed into beautiful napkin rings.

They are designed for cloth napkins, but they also adapt to paper napkins.


  • Cardboard tubes. They serve well those of toilet paper or those of paper towels.
  • Scissors.
  • Decorative paper tape. The washi tape it is very useful.
  • It can be glue, silicone or any contact cement.


  • Cut the cardboard tube into rings two centimeters wide.
  • Paste the decorative ribbon.
  • The napkin rings are ready. It is important that the decorative ribbon harmonize with the color of the napkins.

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2. Rustic fiber napkin rings


  • Thick rustic thread
  • Cardboard rings.
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Cut cardboard rectangles five centimeters wide by eight inches long.
  • Glue the ends of the width to form rings.
  • Cut the thread into pieces of eight centimeters.
  • Gently glue the thread on the hoop until it is covered.
  • It can be decorated with plant elements, such as small leaves, flowers or branches.

3. Braided napkin rings

Use all your creativity and encourage yourself to make some original and inexpensive napkin rings.

Another option to make your own napkin rings with rustic thread is to prepare braids eight centimeters long. A ring is formed with each one; then join three or four to form a higher ring.

If the thread is hard, it will hold very well. If it is not, it will be enough to integrate a piece of wire that can be recycled into the home into one of the braids.

4. Wire napkin holders


  • Medium thickness wire. It has to be malleable.
  • Pin
  • Beads to decorate
  • Tube four or five centimeters in diameter. It will be used to shape napkin holders.


  • Form a spiral by winding wire in the tube. With three or four rounds will suffice.
  • Fold one centimeter from the ends separating them from the ring. It is about stretching that centimeter of wire on each side; the idea is that it protrudes a little from the spiral. Stick an account or other decorative element to the tip.

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5. Leather or burlap cloth napkin rings

Do you have some burlap cloth on hand? Then do not hesitate to do this craft.


  • Strips of leather or burlap fabric two inches wide by eight inches long.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.


  • Form rings with the strips. Paste in the union of the edges of the width. It can be decorated with a sprig of rosemary or pine, or with some wild flower.
  • An interesting detail is to add a rustic label with the name of the diner if there are assigned places. The measurements may vary; it is possible to cut the strips more or less wide or long.

6- Clay napkin rings

Clay is a very versatile and easy to use material. Therefore, to make your own napkin rings with this product you do not need special knowledge.


  • Polymer clay drying without oven
  • Acrylic paint and brush


  • The clay is stretched until it is five millimeters thick. You can use a rolling pin to stretch dough or a smooth bottle.
  • It is necessary to cut strips that are four centimeters wide and eight centimeters long.
  • The napkin rings are formed by joining the sides to form a ring. They are left to dry for a few hours.
  • With the acrylic paint they decorate; It is convenient to choose a design and try to reproduce it. Another practical idea for the termination is to paint them with spray of the color that is preferred.

Different materials and ideas

Flexible branches, nuts, mechanical metal rings, any element can be transformed into a napkin ring. It is a matter of setting in motion ingenuity and creativity.

Although they can be purchased in the market, what we create at home in a traditional way always has a more personalized touch. These ideas for making your own napkin rings are easy to put into practice.