6 healthy habits that will make you live many more years

The prevention of ailments by adopting healthy habits is becoming one of the main trends in medicine. Numerous studies suggest that a lifestyle based on healthy habits increases longevity.

An investigation of the Harvard School of Public Health published in the magazine BMJ and led by Frank Hu, focused on 50-year-old American women and showed that those who follow a healthy lifestyle have 10 more years of life expectancy than the ones that don't.

According to Ramon Gomis, endocrine and director of Health Sciences Studies at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), healthy habits should be promoted from childhood and encouraged at school. Gum explains that eight out of ten diseases of the future are related to lifestyle and therefore it is essential to incorporate them as soon as possible to make a real difference in health. These are the 7 habits that stands out.

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