6 habits that help in the prevention of cancer

It is estimated that half of cancers could be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we show you a list of habits that help in the prevention of cancer according to science. Know what they are and put them into practice to improve your life.

One of the most talked about diseases today is cancer, because according to estimates Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), More than 200,000 cases of cancer are diagnosed in this country. Besides, the World Health Organization (WHO), states that in the year 2020 some 250,000 people will suffer cancer in Spain.

What should we know about cancer?

Cancer is a multifactorial disease, which depends on the genetic content and environmental factors.

It is important to understand that the appearance of some malignant cells in the body is inevitable. But they do not get to become a cancer if the organism is balanced and if we do not stimulate it with "detonating" factors that push the disease to settle.

The key is to act on the potentially tumor cells and on those that surround them, what makes up the tumor microenvironment, and on knowing and Avoid some causes that favor it.

According to the researchers of Anderson Cancer Center of Houston (USA), genetic factors are responsible for 5-10% of cancers, while environmental causes account for about 90% of cases. From this, it follows that a significant part of cancers can be prevented with the practice of healthy habits.

Habits that help in cancer prevention

When talking about healthy lifestyle, diet is of vital importance, but so is physical exercise or keeping stress controlled.

1. Keep a good weight

Poor eating habits have been linked to diseases such as obesity or hypertension, which negatively affects cancer prevention.

Maintain a healthy weight throughout life. Overweight and obesity increase the risk of cancer and recurrence, since they have been associated with a low-grade systemic inflammation characterized by elevated inflammatory cytokines.

This condition is related to the development of diseases, since it produces a alteration of the immune system.

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2. Healthy food and cancer prevention

Healthy eating is a basic pillar of a healthy life, but it is also key in the prevention of cancer. Being well nourished maintains the proper functioning of the immune system.

Studies on the positive effects of eating vegetables and fruits claim that they are important in the fight against cancer, because They provide nutrients that help repair damaged cells. Therefore, it is necessary to consume at least five daily servings.

In addition, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, we must avoid the excessive consumption of red meat and processed foods, restricted to specific moments.

3. Do not smoke

One of the most harmful habits for health is smoking, which causes many diseases, including cancer. The WHO estimates that 22% of deaths from cancer have their origin in this bad habit. Quitting smoking is not easy, but it is a wise choice that is often difficult to make.

Smoking, in addition to causing deaths from cancer, also causes heart attacks, cardiovascular problems, chronic fatigue and many other conditions harmful to the body.

4. Physical exercise in cancer prevention

Physical exercise provides great benefits for the body, among which the prevention of cancer due to its effect on the immune system.

Physical exercise is one of the healthiest habits we can carry out. Our cardiovascular health improves, we burn excess calories and it also helps to prevent many diseases, including cancer. Performing 3 to 5 weekly sessions (30-60 minutes) a week is ideal to note the health benefits and cancer prevention.

5. Prevents the proliferation of tumor cells

Another interesting fact is that we can create conditions so that the tumor cells do not multiply. One of the examples is to include in our diet substances that help in cellular repair such as antioxidants.

Cruciferous (all varieties of cabbage), dark green leaves and garlic are the foods that have tasted a greater inhibitory effect on carcinogenic proliferation, thanks to the polyphenols they contain.

Vegetables rich in carotenes, such as carrot, sweet potato, tomato, kaki and apricot, contain provitamin A and, in some cases, lycopene, substances that inhibit the division of harmful cells.

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6. Practice some relaxation technique

It is key to strive to have stress at bay. Within environmental factors, we find psycho-emotional factors, which also they can trigger (due to poor stress management) a disease process.

Hence the importance of carrying out practices that help improve the management of that state, how can it be mindfulness, physical exercise or a greater contact with nature.

Finally, we hope that this information has been useful for you and that you have them in mind. Remember that cancer can be avoided by following these good habits that help in the prevention of cancer, in addition to doing routine checks and maintaining a healthy life.