6 free telemedicine initiatives to get to talk to a doctor without leaving home while the coronavirus lock-in lasts

The instruction manual for using telemedicine in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic is simple: consulting a specialist online is not a recommended service neither for serious cases nor for complex pathologies. But many of the health problems that assail us on a daily basis are not so serious as to go to an emergency department, but they are so annoying as to we can rest easier if we can access a professional sanitary.

For all these cases, telemedicine is a good solution … although we already knew that, or at least that seems to show that the demand for remote consultations has multiplied by eight in the last fifteen days. “Until now, the adoption of telemedicine technologies has been quite limited, since both specialists and patients continue to prefer face-to-face consultations. However, the risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic have dramatically accelerated this change of scenery, "states the Dr. Frederic Llordachs, partner and co-founder of Doctoralia.

While most private health insurances have made this possibility available to their clients for years, now many solidarity initiatives have made these online platforms Open your hands and offer these services free of charge for specific cases and thanks to the effort of health professionals who collaborate in a disinterested way in which do not step on a hospital if it is not strictly necessary. These are some of those initiatives that you can have access to for free.

If you have doubts about your eyes, seek help at Clínica Baviera

Is private clinic has launched an online practice through which he has already answered hundreds of questions from all over Spain. It's about a free consultation service which seeks to contribute to decongesting ophthalmological emergencies of public health.

How does it work? You can contact the Clínica Baviera website, the company's social media profiles or the toll free 900 180 100.

It is a good time to use the internet to talk to a doctor.

To get a specialist (or a psychologist) for free (or almost), We Doctor

In order to decongest the health system the telemedicine service We Doctor has offered specialists from all over Spain the possibility of being part of their “staff” for free: there are already more than 1,000 and many of them have lowered their rates while alertness lasts There are even some that offer free online consultations and video consultations. Just look well in the directory and consult the social networks of we-doctor for

How does it work? You just have to fill out the questionnaire to register and search the directory among specialists those who offer their services for free. How is a multi-device serviceYou can access it from your smartphone or tablet, by downloading the application or from your computer on its website.

Use OmniDoctor to make clear all the symptoms of COVID 19

The telemedicine app makes available to the public a team of 300 doctors who offer free 24-hour assistance and no waiting for COVID-19 patients (or who suspect they have it).

How does it work? The service allows a free video consultation with a doctor through its website omnidoctor.com. in the patients / covid-19 section.

Telemedicine has increased its visits since the coronavirus crisis began.

For short (and anonymous) queries about chronic diseases and coronaviruses ask a Doctoralia expert

The section Ask the Doctoral Expert, the world's largest health marketplace, has created a specific section to raise questions about the coronavirus. The consultations are anonymous and one of the medical professionals discharged from the doctoral service answer questions briefly in within 24 hours (although it is usually less). So far, around 750 consultations have been made. Of course, before referring the query to the specialist, the web team is in charge of filtering the queries received if they are not relevant.

How does it work? Getting into the section dedicated to coronavirus on the doctoral website and sending your question. Also you can read the answers to previous questions They can help you gather information about cases similar to yours.

In case you have mild symptoms of coronavirus, download I want to take care of myself more

The medical platform in front of the Covid formed by several medical colleges as well as specialists from the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine and the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine found in the telemedicine app I want to take care of myself more from DKV a refuge for patients who have doubts about the coronavirus. The objective is that milder cases or those with minor symptoms can make their consultations with guarantees without needing to go to a hospital.

How does it work? Download the app I want to take care of myself more (available on Android and IOS). Create a new account, selecting the option "User not linked to DKV" and once inside, the chat option and the doctors' available hours will appear.

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If you have skin problems in the running of the bulls, ask the Fundación Piel Sana in Mediquo for help.

The Piel Sana Foundation of Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Since the beginning of the crisis, it launched the Teledermasolidaria initiative on Twitter. Well, now you have signed a collaboration agreement with the Mediquo telemedicine app. Its objective is to solve urgent problems of patients who should not go to a hospital or health center.

How does it work? You have to download the app and register and search for dermatologists identified as 2dermatologist of the Piel Sana Foundation of the AEDV under the heading of SOLID TELEDERMAS", where it is clear that it is a free and solidary initiative.

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