6 disadvantages of working from bed

Working from bed seems like a dream come true for many, however, is it really? Technology has led people to perform activities that previously seemed impossible. Some examples of this are working from home and even using the computer in the bedroom.

But there are quite a number of reasons why this is not a good idea. If done on a daily basis, it can have long-term physical and psychological consequences.

It is not about condemning the fact of executing some tasks with the computer from the bedroom, but rather that you become aware of the effects that this can cause. That is why we want to share with you 6 disadvantages of working from bed.

1. Low back pain from working from bed

One of the first effects that can be seen when doing activities in bed is pain in the lower back. Although at first glance it seems a comfortable position, if you stay for a long period of time in the same position there will be problems in said region.

When referring to ergonomics at the work level, it is advisable to work at a desk. The reason for that is that they are furniture designed so that you can support your arms, legs and back correctly.

If you spend all the time lying or sitting on the bed, you tend to curve your back a lot. This causes muscle tension to be generated in the lumbar and cervical area. In addition to that, there may be numbness in the legs as a result of inadequate blood circulation.

Low back pain at any time of the day can appear as a result of having been working from bed for long hours.

2. General back pain

This point is linked to the previous one. As the back does not have adequate support while you are sitting in bed, it is normal for the body to bend little by little over time.

In principle, it is an almost imperceptible movement, but when you are in the same position for several hours, the risks of general back pain increase.

In the case of desk chairs, they are designed with well-being in mind. So the ideal is to sit on this type of furniture. If at any time you detect discomfort you can place a pillow on the back.

3. Altered sleep and rest

The use of the computer has become indispensable in modern life, which has led people to move them to spaces linked to rest. Such is the case of use in bed.

The room in general should be a space to replenish the energies that were expended throughout the day. The moment you incorporate this equipment in that area you make your relaxation levels melt away.

Mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones they emit rays that affect not only your retina. They also alter your physiological sleep cycle, causing insomnia.

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4. Possible problems with your partner

From the point of view of relationships, the constant use of the computer in bed can be the cause of relationship problems. For some, the presence of electronic equipment in the room causes discomfort to sleep due to the brightness of the screen. Added to that is the loss of communication.

When one of the spouses gets used to working from bed may shorten quality time with the other. Therefore, to avoid problems with your partner, it is best to use the computer only when it is essential.

5. Ventilation and cooling problems in the computer

Have you ever left your computer on in bed? It's a mistake. We have gotten used to the fact that mobiles can be left on any surface without problems.

However, in the case of computers it is different. These devices include a ventilation system of its components of hardware and more complex refrigeration. By resting them on surfaces such as a bed, sofa, or on a blanket the ventilation holes may be clogged.

As expected, if the ventilation openings are blocked, the interior temperature cannot be expelled. This is essential to consider as it causes serious problems for teams.

6. Reduction of the useful life of the mattress

Apart from all the disadvantages we have mentioned, the reduction in the life of the mattress cannot be overlooked. If you want to be productive and accomplish your assigned tasks at work, doing it from your bed is not the most flattering option.

Mattresses are not designed to be used for that long. Their useful life depends on several factors, but an approximate time for them to maintain their properties and be healthy is a maximum term of 10 years.

Usually, a person must spend a third of the 24 hours a day in bed. But if the exposure to it is longer, say twice, that period will be reduced to two and a half years.

Tips that can counteract the downsides of working from bed

Depending on the type of person you are and the job you have, you may need more or less time of exposure to the computer. Despite the fact that using it in bed has negative effects from different points of view, We understand that there are times when it is necessary.

To help counteract certain disadvantages we will give you some useful tips that you can apply. Pay a lot of attention!

Change position

A good idea if you have a long work day in bed is to keep moving. Change position from time to time, but always comfortably. In the first moment that you feel any symptoms of discomfort, it is a good indication to move.

Position changes help protect the spine, but should always be done comfortably.

Keep your legs supported

As with desktop computers, when you are in bed with the computer it is recommended that you support your legs. In this way, both knees and hips get good support, avoiding back pain.

Avoid slouching when working from bed

When we are in bed it is almost inevitable to stoop. But a good solution is to become aware of it and place the laptop on a stand. This is to keep the team as close to eye level as possible.

Even, the incorporation of such support also prevents the equipment from overheatingas it keeps the vents unobstructed. You can complement with a pillow and place it on the back so that everything is more comfortable.

Don't forget to stretch when you're done

Finally, once you finish your activities, don't forget the stretching. Thanks to this, you can relieve muscle tension caused by working from bed. If you want to go a little further, add trunk and leg stretches.

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Don't overdo it by working from bed

At the time that working from home became a reality for many, it has become a necessity to take action so that such work does not harm life. Although it may seem insignificant, in the long term it is possible to suffer serious consequences on a physical and emotional level.

Do not overdo the application of this habit And, if you have to, put into practice the advice that we share to avoid the development of diseases. Small actions, such as using a pillow on your back, placing a computer stand, and stretching will help you greatly.