6 benefits of sleeping with your partner

There are multiple benefits of sleeping with your partner. However, the most remarkable of all is being able to enjoy that intimacy and closeness that goes beyond the pleasure of enjoying sexual relations.

Sharing the same space at night forms another type of language in which complicity, skin-to-skin brushing and connection becomes more intense and comforting.

However, There is no shortage of voices that point out that to have a healthy and restful sleep it is better to sleep separately. Factors such as snoring in one, insomnia in the other, the number of times the partner gets up to go to the bathroom or tossing and turning in bed make it difficult to find a rewarding sleep.

The night's rest is still a metaphor for life together: there are advantages and disadvantages. The key is to know how to handle them, to respect, understand the other and reach agreements. We analyze those factors that enrich the experience of sharing time with a loved one under the covers.

"The bed is the whole marriage"

-Honoré de Balzac-

Benefits of sleeping with your partner

Beyond what we might think, the topic of the benefits of sleeping with your partner is an area well studied by science. Something so everyday has, in reality, a great impact on the relationship and coexistence.

Studies, such as those carried out at the Nuremberg University of Psychiatry (Germany), remind us that a large part of the population is not aware of the implication of the quality of these nighttime interactions.

The bond of two people is consolidated or affected by everything that happens during the night. And the sexual aspect is by no means the only one. Let us know, therefore, the benefits of sleeping with your partner.

Sleeping with your partner is a way to relieve the stress accumulated during the day.

1. It is the expression of intimacy and attachment between two people

We sleep next to the person we love not only for the sexual aspect. Resting in the same bed is a basic need for closeness, of intimacy with the other. Also a way to consolidate the attachment between the two by sharing the night's rest in the same space.

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2. We reduce stress

We may have had a bad day. Our days at work can be stressful and demanding. However, nothing is as comforting as coming home, having dinner, taking a shower, and sleeping next to the person we love. Feeling their presence, hugging and perceiving affection creates security for us.

The level of serotonin and oxytocin that the brain produces at these times is an ideal mechanism to reduce stress.

3. Sleeping with your partner is a great way to create more bonds of complicity

It is often said that the best secrets are the ones shared in bed. We all know that this place is a space that is used for more than just resting and falling asleep.

It may be that the dawn finds us deep in an interesting conversation, projecting dreams, devising plans, revealing secrets, past experiences. The bed is an ideal space to build and consolidate ties of complicity.

4. Your blood pressure is regulated

This data is, without a doubt, interesting. Researchers at the University of Northern California conducted a study that revealed that sleeping with your partner regulates blood pressure.

Those people who are used to hugging and stroking at night release higher levels of oxytocin and this improves blood pressure downward.

5. Helps you better regulate emotions

What relationship does sleeping with our partner have with the quality of emotional management? Actually, a lot. Few things are as positive and cathartic at all levels as getting a good night's rest.

If good company is added to good rest, the impact on the brain is greater. All those regions linked to emotions are balanced and regulated.

A 2013 study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine points us to something. The reactivity of the amygdala (brain structure related to perceived threat and stress) is reduced after a good rest. Sleeping well with your loved one stabilizes emotions.

6. You release more serotonin and feel happier

Feeling the physical closeness of the person you love every night helps you release good doses of dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin, known as happiness chemical. This cocktail of neurochemicals make up the perfect formula for well-being.

Some disadvantages of sleeping with your partner

We already know a series of benefits of sleeping with your partner. However, experts also highlight that one of the causes of poor night's rest can often be in the fact of sharing a bed with another person.

It is clear that we do not always have the same habits as a loved one. This can affect the quality of your night's sleep and your relationship. Let's know some disadvantages of sleeping together.

Snoring, bruxism, sleep apnea …

Snoring, teeth grinding, and even more serious conditions, such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome, can make our nights a symphony of awakenings, bad dreams and discomfort.

Bad night rest habits

Each one has unique habits of life and also their routines. The other person may be one of those who stays up late or those who get up several times during the night to go to the bathroom. He may also move a lot in bed and be one of those who rarely find the ideal position to sleep.

Back pain from bad positions

Few things are more pleasant than sleeping cuddled. But let's admit it, sometimes, by maintaining such an affectionate posture, our arms are sore, the back suffers, the neck takes bad postures and when we wake up we feel more sore than rested.

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You'll run out of the quilt overnight

While we sleep with our partner, a fairly common phenomenon usually happens. At dawn you discover that you have run out of bedspread and that the other person has taken it all, exposing you. You sound familiar?

"Two people can sleep in the same bed and still be alone when closing their eyes"

-Haruki Murakamii-

When it comes to promoting a good night's rest with your partner, don't hesitate to choose a large mattress.

Tips for a good night's sleep with your partner

There are many benefits to sleeping with your partner, it is true. However, for that harmony and well-being to last and not cause any problems, it is advisable to take into account some simple tips:

  • Choose a large mattress, that measures about 20 centimeters more than your size and that of your partner.
  • I did not hesitate to use two separate duvets and two pillows.
  • It is recommended that both of you go to bed at the same time. Following the same routines is always beneficial.
  • If you or your partner snore, you need to see a doctor to treat the problem. Sleep apnea may be behind this feature.
  • It is forbidden to lie down angry. If you have a problem, try to solve it before going to bed. Otherwise, rest will be difficult and they will wake up in a worse mood.

The bed is an affectionate environment for the couple

Something we all know is that the bed is, without a doubt, the affective (and sexual) environment par excellence. Let us ensure that those 8 hours at night that we share are of quality, that we can reconcile a good rest and that the bond is further strengthened. However, beyond that time between cushions, there are many more hours to enjoy love.

We consult with the experts before any problem. Factors such as insomnia or conditions such as sadness are realities that can bring problems to that shared space between two.

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