6 benefits of oat straw

In alternative medicine it is common to hear about the many uses and benefits of oat straw. Not to be confused with oat grain, known to be a healthy food rich in fiber.

On the contrary, it is the vegetable remains that the oats leave after being harvested green, including the stems and leaves that are ground to obtain a coarse flour.

This semolina is also considered a nervina, whose benefits are used in infusions or teas to treat conditions ranging from insomnia to sexual dysfunctions.

What is oat straw?

Oat straw is a product that is obtained from the remains of the Avena sativa when it is still green and immature. To make it, the green silage of all parts is carried out without discarding the stems and leaves.

These are processed to get a kind of semolina, which is known as green straw and it has many medicinal uses.

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What are the benefits of oat straw?

Traditional medicine considers that wild oat extract acts as a nervin, that is, a natural remedy that strengthens the nerves and can address pathologies such as insomnia, stress and anxiety.

Discover other benefits that the intake of oat straw brings.

We should not confuse the oat straw with the grain itself, since they are different things.

1. Improve blood flow

There is scientific evidence that impaired blood flow can increase the risk of having a stroke or heart disease. For this reason, wild oat extract, in any of its forms, is used to improve circulation.

This is because green oats have been shown to be rich in avenanthramides, a group of antioxidants that promote heart health. Avenanthramides also increase nitric oxide production, positively affecting blood flow.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, more research is still needed to have a better understanding of the effects of Avena sativa.

2. Reduce inflammation

Similarly, it has been shown that avenanthramides serve to counteract chronic inflammation, a process that leads to the development of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, some types of cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

A test tube study published in Journal of Leukocyte Biology It also found that avenanthramides decrease the generation and promote the expulsion of cytokines, pro-inflammatory elements that are related to the suffering of the aforementioned pathologies.

3. Stimulate brain function

According to a study in older adults with impaired brain functions, the intake of 800 to 1600 milligrams of oat straw extract markedly improves cognition, memory, concentration and attention. At this point it is imperative to note that the study was sponsored by the company that invented the supplement.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, a 3-month study with the supply of 1500 milligrams of supplements of Avena sativa diaries to healthy older adults found that they did not show cognitive changes in multitasking performance, concentration and precision.

For what has been said, more studies are required to show with certainty the benefits of oat straw on brain function in older adults.

4. Improve mood

Although studies have not been conclusive, green oatmeal has long been used by traditional medicine as a palliative to treat stress, anxiety, and depression.

For example, a study in rodents showed that a small dose of straw oats increased the ability of these animals to react positively to stress, in contrast to placebos rodents.

Such research suggests that the extract helps improve mood by reduce the presence of the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 4 (PDE4), present in immune cells.

This inhibition decreases stress and anxiety. In the same way, it helps to control the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines related to the development of psychiatric disorders, such as depression. These findings have not been proven in humans..

5. Promote bone health

Similarly, oat straw has been used in a traditional way to relieve bone problems, such as osteoporosis. As one of its components is calcium, green oats help to fortify and develop a healthy bone system.

One of the main stimuli produced by the intake of supplements is the release of luteinizing hormone, which promotes the growth and reconstruction of bone tissue.

6. Enhance sexual functions

Green oatmeal can increase libido and sexual response, both men and women. Turns out it serves as a reproductive organ enhancer, according to research published in the medical journal Indian Journal of Urology.

The benefits of oat straw or green oats should continue to be studied to definitively corroborate them in humans.

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Oat straw could have great potential

Oat straw extract is purchased as a tincture, capsule, or powder. for making tea. In this way, you may take advantage of some of the benefits that green oatmeal brings to the body, such as improving brain function, mood, and sexual performance.

Although the benefits of oat straw could have great potential and show promise, remember that more research in humans is still required to validate its effects.