5 white flowers to decorate your garden

Gardens, in addition to being pleasing to the eye, positively influence our health. And not only because the more plants, the more oxygen. The scents and colors that flow from the plant world have a relaxing effect on the mind and improve our moods. That is why we bring you 5 examples of white flowers to decorate your garden.

In the graduate thesis presented to the University of San Carlos de Guatemala by the architect Ana Leticia Martínez Trejo de López, its author recommends carrying out a detailed study of the soil destined for the garden for a better use of the planting. In turn, it advises to take into account factors such as climate, orientation and location when planning.

Martínez Trejo de López also explains that, if the soil's pH is slightly alkaline or neutral, the flowers will tend to be in the range of yellows and reds. Conversely, if the pH is more acidic, the flowers will turn to mauve or purple tones. However, in this note we recommend white flowers to decorate your garden and we explain why.

White flowers to decorate your garden

It is true that colorful flowers can be aesthetically prettier and more striking. Red, green, or purple flowers can evoke feelings of passion, calm, and spirituality.

But those of light tones are linked to concepts such as integrity, refinement and harmony. That is why we recommend the following white flowers to decorate your garden.

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1. Daisies

The daisy turns out a fast growing plant that does not require much care. They are usually used in front gardens if they are small, although there are also those who use them as a background to highlight other flowers, in internal gardens.

Daisies have different varieties available and should be chosen according to the climate and soil.

2. White rockrose

These flowers are born from a shrub with a dry appearance and great resistance to the sun. The flowering time of the plant is usually between April and June. Although it is abundant in the Canary Islands, it can be found in various areas of Spain.

3. White coves

The plant that produces these flowers can be creeping or climbing. Coming from Africa, they are also often known by the names of water lily Y Ethiopian hoop.

However, it must be taken into account that it requires special care in relation to the quantity and quality of light received. Without going any further, direct sunlight can burn the flowers and dry out all the leaves.

4. White orchids

These flowers, for the most part, they usually emit particular aromas at night, in order to attract its pollinators.

They are plants that prefer hot and humid climates, such as a tropical forest. However, they are capable of withstanding a wide variety of climates. They have even been found in the Arctic Circle.

5. White roses

Rose bushes are usually classified as climbing, shrub, or scrub, depending on the type. These plants with thorny stems and beautiful petals are native to the Asian continent.

They have been associated, since time immemorial, with love. And specifically, it is believed that white roses allude to the purest love that a couple can feel.

Roses represent romantic love and in their white variety they are more exotic.

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Let's not forget the gardenia: the beautiful white flower to decorate your garden

Finally, we could not put aside the Gardenia jasminoide, plant native to China. This plant, in addition to providing beautiful flowers, It is used in the Asian continent as a medicinal plant since time immemorial, according to an article published by the University of Costa Rica.

Extracts obtained from the plant are often used as hemostatic agents – that is, to stop bleeding. For what they are prescribed in traditional medicine to treat wounds in joints and muscles, in addition to treating infections, through infusions prepared for this purpose.

Anyway, it should be clear that its use is anecdotal and in no way supplants medical approaches or treatments of pathologies. For this reason, we continue to recommend it as a white flower to decorate your garden, but nothing more. Enjoy its beauty and the others that we have told you about.