5 uses of the glass cleaner that maybe you did not know

Sometimes we discover that some everyday products can be useful for many other things that we did not even imagine. In this case, we refer to different uses of glass cleaner that you may not have known.

This product was invented in the 30s of the last century and since then, has allowed the crystals to be impeccable in a fast and effective way. However, Do you know what other things you can use this liquid for?

The glass cleaner

This liquid, which originally was only a light blue and transparent, Nowadays it is presented in a great variety, components and fragrances. In its origin it was a very flammable product, but later it was reformulated based on surfactants.

The current glass cleaner It is usually sold in a plastic container and with a spray to facilitate its application. But although it is sold for this specific purpose, the truth is that it has other lesser-known uses that may surprise you.

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Uses of glass cleaner

1. Against insects

Especially if the product contains ammonia, this can be an effective repellent for household insects.

One of the curious uses of glass cleaner is as a product to eliminate and ward off unwanted insects. In this sense, we can use it to spray it directly while avoiding the strong smell of other insecticides.

Also, if the cleaner contains ammonia in its formula, as is often the case, it can also be useful to repel them. This smell is very unpleasant, so we can Apply it on windows and doors to keep insects away.

2. To clean some jewelry

Did you know that you can use glass cleaner to keep some jewelry as if it were new? However, make sure they are materials that are not damaged by ammonia or alcohol. For example, it is ideal to return the shine to a diamond.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you should not leave the product applied for more than 2 minutes. You can use, for example, a toothbrush. After that time, rinse it well and dry it with cotton or a towel so that it is in perfect condition.

3. Uses of the glass cleaner: Degreaser

Due to its caustic components, this cleaner can help you remove adhering grease.

Fat accumulates in certain parts of the house and is not easy to eliminate. Although there are specific degreasing products, also We can simplify and use our usual glass cleaner.

The fat that accumulates in kitchen stoves, in pots and pans, on the countertop, in the extractor or in the car will easily disappear with this product. However, then you should rinse well with water so that there are no traces of this caustic product.

4. To brighten the floor and the tiles

Another use of glass cleaner is as a product to brighten the floor when it is granite or marble. You just have to dilute it with water in the same way as a cleaner. However, its use in wood or other surfaces that are damaged by ammonia is not recommended.

In the same way, this cleaner is also ideal for polishing tiles, for example the bathroom or the kitchen. In the bathroom, we can also use it for the toilet or the bathtub, letting it act a couple of minutes in case of difficult stains.

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5. For the most unruly dirt

We can even use it to remove the most difficult stains on clothes.

Finally, among the uses of glass cleaner we find Many other curious and very effective:

  • Stain remover for clothing (except silk or wool fabrics). It is effective even in the most rebellious spots, such as tomato or blood. And also for the stains on the carpet, if this is not wool.
  • Children's toys. In this way, we ensure the elimination of bacteria.
  • Blackboard eraser. For those brands that remain on the board without being completely erased.
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Food cutting board.

Now we know the different and surprising uses of a product that we have almost all in our home. With all these utilities, We can simplify the amount of cleaning products we use. In addition, we could also add a few drops of some essential oil to give you our favorite fragrance.