5 Twitter accounts you have to follow for the duration of the closure due to the coronavirus

Since the coronavirus pandemic began we use our social networks 55% more that even if it is to talk to the doctor, look for recipes for unleavened cakes or find a psychologist to help us cope with the confinement.

But if there is a social network that has received more attention than the others, it is Twitter, which has increased its audience by 23%. It is normal that when we are all locked up at home we have more time to kill him reading tweets, but that information that is circulated and retweeted is sometimes more false that hard wood and when it comes to healthy recommendations or magic remedies against the coronavirus, believing it puts your health at risk. So we have screened for you and we recommend that you start following these five accounts to be well informed about coronaviruses, diet and much more. You will thank us already.


The initiative of the communication agency Com Salud and the association of EHealth researchers It is struggling to deny all the false news that is spreading on social networks on account of the coronavirus (and almost any issue that affects our health). If you get an audio from WhatsApp that makes you suspicious, check this Twitter account because you will surely find the truth in it.


Deborah García Bello is a chemistry graduate known for her award-winning blog dimetilsulfuro.es, his book What are vitamins going (Paidós) and his videos on YouTube where the same explains how to iron sustainably if brown sugar is better than white sugar. In his Twitter account he continues his work of scientific dissemination, but in the key of coronavirus, and shares very useful tips, such as the guide on how to safely disinfect with bleach and effective.

Tweet what you want, but read only trustworthy tweets.


Aitor Sánchez García is the name behind the blog and Twitter account My diet limps. He is a dietitian-nutritionist and food technologist He has his own practice at the Alaris Center and, with the little time he has left, he spends his time spreading nutrition (based on facts and not on selling things to you) and writing books such as My diet is no longer limping. He also tweets, of course, and on his account you can find truthful news about if you can consume sushi while the coronavirus crisis lasts and find access to free nutrition webinar that they are imparting while the crisis lasts. If you want to eat healthy during quarantine, don't miss them.


There is a blog, titled Petroleum jelly beans, famous for its exhaustiveness when it comes to addressing issues that have to do with our diet. Behind that blog is Miguel Ángel Lurueña, Doctor from the University of Salamanca, Bachelor of Science and Food Technology from the University of León and Technical Agricultural Engineer from the University of Salamanca. On Miguel Ángel's Twitter account you can inform yourself of almost anything you want to know about food, since giving your child to grow up healthy where the peanuts come from (in case you didn't know, from under the ground … and they are a legume). Because learning things during quarantine may be what you need so you don't get bored.

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If you don't know the account yet Marián García on Twitter or its website or your book York ham does not exist (The sphere of books) is that you are not on planet Earth. Marián García is (as his nom de guerre will have made you suspect) doctor of pharmacy as well as a graduate in Human Nutrition and dietetics and in Optics and Optometry. And his Twitter account is full of good and healthy advice on whether homemade masks are of any use or if eating those strawberry pochas removing the ugly and adding "the good parts" to your morning yogurt is a good idea.

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