5 tricks to avoid hunger attacks

Surely you have been victim, on occasion, of hunger attacks that lead you to assault the refrigerator. Detect if it is emotional hunger or real hunger It can take you to a very enriching and liberating self-listening process but in the meantime we can give you some guidelines to avoid those sudden and uncontrollable attacks of hunger.

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Increase protein intake

Protein is highly satiating so you will have the feeling of being satisfied for much longer. Bet on including in your breakfast protein foods such as eggs, ham, nuts, cheese, protein shakes … always accompanied by vegetables, so you will have less desire to peck in any way throughout the day because you will feel very satiated.

Proteins take longer to metabolize in digestion and, in addition, when we digest them, a substance called phenylalanine is released that makes us feel less hungry. Protein will help you avoid cravings, reduce calorie intake throughout the day and increase calorie burning. All are advantages, so go from coffee with milk and croissant and opt for a mushroom omelette with spinach for example, everything is getting used! Eating more does not mean eating less healthy and necessarily getting fat, protein is the perfect example.

Drink water

In many cases the sensation of thirst is confused with that of hunger resulting in unnecessary calorie intake. Before you get to eat right and left everything you find for, breathe and drink a large glass of water, wait a few minutes and if you're still hungry eat something light. You will be surprised at the times that feeling of hunger disappears as if by magic just by drinking water. Hot infusions are also very helpful to ward off that sudden feeling of hunger that often appears at heartbreak.

Do not buy food on an empty stomach

Surely it will have happened on more than one occasion. If you are going to buy hungry you will bring extra food and not exactly the healthiest possible. Make the purchase with a full stomach so that, in addition to taking care of your economy, you can stick to a healthy shopping list and do not succumb to the temptation of quick pleasure offered by candy and ultraprocessed foods. If you don't have them at home, you can't eat them!

Avoid buying sweets and put in your shopping cart healthy fats, proteins, slowly absorbed carbohydrates, vegetables and fiber that, in addition to helping you feel more satiated, they fight the anxiety to eat and calm the feeling of hunger.

Sign up for healthy pecking

It is not necessary to avoid pecking at all costs, you can opt for healthy snacks that help you feel satiated without needing to be the immediate rewards offered by simple carbohydrates, sugar and junk food that, in addition to adding calories and kilos in you have they also bring feelings of guilt, low self-esteem and tend to be the prelude to new binge eating insane food.

Choose healthy snacks that take you out so you can endure well until the next meal. For example, Nuts, porridge, fruit, hummus, crudités, natural yogurt with a handful of blueberries …

Sleep well

Sleep may seem like it has no relation to your desire to assault the pantry and eat pizza, chocolates or chips at heart. Well, we assure you that it has to do, and we don't just say it, there are many studies that prove it so you should take this advice very seriously.

If you don't sleep well there is a hormonal mismatch that causes saturated fat and sugars to tempt you the next day, so as not to fall prey to junk food, try to make your dream restful. To do this, create your own ritual before going to bed, such as taking a hot bath, taking an infusion, relaxing or reading a book. Practicing meditation will also help you fall asleep and keep anxiety at bay.

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