5 tips to make other people appreciate you

That other people value you has become a more conscious act and one that we intend to take advantage of. However, it is normal that sometimes one feels that those around are not appreciative enough of the efforts.

But first you must understand that you are a special person and you deserve the best in the world. It is necessary to work on self-esteem!

Anyway, Yes, it is possible to turn the tables and make others value you for what you offer them. Stay and see these tips and review them with us.

Why do I feel that other people do not value me?

Perhaps it often happens to you that you think that you are the one who is to blame because other people do not value you or recognize what you do for them. It is common that we do not have the same level of consciousness as others. There we meet selfish people, while there are others who practice empathy.

In this sense, the type of consciousness that others have is influential in whether they value you or not. There are people who do not have the ability to determine what is wrong and how to change it.

As well there are others who are not capable of seeing others as themselves, which creates a void of empathy that, in the end, will make you feel bad. The latter are the ones with superiority complexes.

Now, it is normal that people have different values ​​and that what is important for some is not so for others. This is not to say that it is wrong.

Remember that we are different and we have different ways of thinking. There it is decisive that you work on your self-esteem in order to understand and respect the values ​​that characterize each of us.

Sometimes the answer to why we feel we are not valued is in our diminished self-esteem.

Work on self-assessment

The primary work you must do is, instead of wondering why others do not value you, wonder why you don't value yourself. Everything that you see in people and that bothers you is talking a little about you.

It does not mean that it is okay that others do not give you the place you deserve, but you should also start by giving it yourself. So what are the main reasons why you feel like they don't value you? Find them in the following:

  • Have low self-esteem.
  • You allow other people to treat you badly, which is not to say that you are rude.
  • You have not understood that not all people have the same level of consciousness and there are different values.
  • You give too much importance to what others think of you.

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Tips to make other people appreciate you

As we mentioned, it is possible to turn the cake and achieve, in some cases, that people value you and also value what you offer them. We are going to show you some tips that you should apply hand in hand with personal work to improve your self-esteem.

Remember that it's not just about the outside world, but also of the love and recognition that you feel for yourself.

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1. Socratic dialogue

Some psychologists call it Socratic dialogue to the one who sustains himself and through whom weaknesses, strengths and gaps can be identified.

You have to start by knowing yourself in solitude and you will see how you can know what all that characterizes you is. At the same time, you will know what it is that you deserve to get from other people.

2. Don't let yourself be mistreated

Sometimes you may think that it is normal for others to rude you or even treat you badly, because you feel they do not value you enough. However, the change begins with yourself.

You need to say "Enough" and start working on your self-esteem. The abuse is not always physical, but also psychological. You identify them as words that make you feel less.

3. Enough of complaints

On many occasions we hide behind complaints towards the people around us, blaming them for hurting us. But it is time for you to take charge of your life and let only those who bring you something positive into your closest circle.

Remember that you have the ability to decide who are the ones that help you grow and they accompany you without judgment or without hurting you.

4. Don't block yourself

It is essential that you leave the mental block behind. You should start practicing autosuggestion, if possible guided by a professional. This is nothing more than the ability that people develop to guide their own thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.

Mastering all of the above is that you will be able to know what you deserve in your life and not ask anyone for attention. Starting by valuing yourself is important!

5. Value yourself and love yourself

If you don't value yourself, who else is going to? Having a good self-worth will attract people who also know how special you are.

Having enough self-love will be decisive to not allow yourself to be hurt, that they treat you badly or that they do not correspond to you as you deserve it. This is applicable both for couples and for life in general.

Surrounding yourself with people who value us is essential. We can decide who we let enter the circle of trust.

That people value you implies that you value yourself

Low self-esteem is responsible, in many cases, for feeling a kind of emptiness in terms of acceptance of the people around you. According to the specialists that make up El Prado Psychologists in Madrid, other signs of having low self-esteem are the following:

  • It costs you say no, especially if it is to please others.
  • You don't trust your abilities.
  • Always you demand too much of yourself.
  • You are afraid of failure and change.

When a person feels confident in himself he will be able to attract good friends and even good working relationships. Put into practice the tips that we have taught you and then live your transformation process.