5 tips to improve health at maturity

Even if It is a vital stage of fullness also has its cons and is that the passage of time begins to be noticed in the body. The good news is that maturity can be one of the best times to take better care of yourself and we have the best advice to do so.

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Take care of your social networks

No, we don't talk about virtual social networks, but about your family ties, friendship and even your community. The relationships with the environment are of great importance, we are pack animals and maintaining contact with our neighbors and loved ones brings great well-being and energy. We have learned this from the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the blue zones, the longest areas of the planet, for whose members it is vital to maintain contact with the other individuals in the community and enliven social relations as much as possible.

Exercise your mind

To protect your brain and prolong mental agility do not stop exercising your mind, read, travel, do not lose your curiosity about the things around you. Do logic exercises, study (knowledge does not take place at any age), practice meditation … All this will help your mind to calm down and also stay active thus preserving memory and learning ability. driving away cognitive impairment.

Take hydration (and food) very seriously

For the body to function properly and eliminate toxins optimally it must be well hydrated so do not neglect this point and drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water a day. Yes, we know that it is not always easy, but it can help you drink infusions and broths to reach that recommended amount of water, you can even use the infused water It gives a different touch to your drink and is a new and healthy flavor that is sure to be more attractive.

The same thing happens with food, forget about ultra-processed foods and fast food and switch to healthy eating. With age we tend to lose bone density so it is recommended to increase the levels of calcium and vitamin D. Increase the consumption of foods such as spinach, sesame seeds or blue fish and do not forget to expose yourself to the sun to increase your vitamin D levels, a gesture that will also put you in a good mood.

Don't stop

It is not the time to make sedentary life. It's time to take care of yourself more than ever and keep your muscles, joints and bones healthy. Exercising moderately, in addition to keeping stress at bay, will help you improve bone strength, increase concentration, regulate blood pressure and prevent osteoporosis, avoiding injuries and fractures.

Exercising also has another advantage, endorphins are secreted that will minimize mood swings and hot flashes of menopause or alterations in the hormonal cycle. It also stimulates the production of collagen that keep the joints and skin healthier.

Make sure you have a good rest

It is very important to sleep well at all vital stages but at maturity it is especially necessary. Not only is the time you sleep (from 7 to 8 hours would be ideal) but how you sleep and to have a peaceful and restful sleep remember that it is best that the room has a good temperature (no more than 22º) and that it is at dark to favor the production of melatonin. Remember to turn off your electronic devices for a while before falling asleep, if it's two hours much better, and have a ritual that tells your body that it is time to rest. For example you can take a hot bath, take a relaxing infusion, read a book … you will fall more easily into Morpheus' arms.

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