5 tips to choose the stroller for your baby

Choosing the stroller for your baby will be on the list of the most useful things among the preparations to attend to their upbringing and protection. With a good armchair you will be able to be with the child while you solve daily issues. And it will allow both of you to safely and comfortably enjoy the outdoors.

For these reasons, the choice cannot be left to chance. Here are some considerations that you can take into account according to your needs and possibilities. The idea is that it be an adjustable and versatile one so that it adapts to all moments.

Importance of choosing a good stroller for your baby

With the arrival of a baby at home, the spaces are usually reduced by all the accessories that are acquired for their care. So it is necessary to choose a good stroller that is useful and does not quickly become a disused object.

It must, therefore, be a chair easy to store, light, easy to handle and practical when deploying. Above all, also to fold. All these actions must be possible with the child and the bag in hand.

Such a chair, with the characteristics that offer the comfort and security that you are imagining, is carefully sought. This will ensure that it is of good quality. and that it goes through an examination of your requirements so that it does not waste time and money.

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Tips for choosing the stroller for your baby

Stroller designs are becoming more and more varied. Manufacturers have innovated to serve different ages of the baby. If this is what you are looking for, select the one that suits what you want and you can pay, without neglecting quality and following the following tips.

Like the car seat, the stroller must meet quality standards that ensure the protection of the child.

1. Define the budget

It is important to be clear about how much money is allocated to the chair, because there are only those for a walk or those that adapt to each stage of the baby. In general, the former are cheaper and suitable for those who can already sit for long periods of time.

The latter tend to be larger, because bring other accessories that allow them to adjust during growth, from the first days of birth. Which can guarantee parents a single investment that will redound in benefits and durability.

2. Prioritize your needs and the baby's

It is very likely that the needs help you define the size or certain characteristics of the chair. For the newborn baby, the carrycot must remain horizontal; when it comes separately, it must be adapted to the chassis of the stroller. If not, the backrest must be rigid and fully reclining, at least 150 degrees or more.

Starting at 6 months or when your baby controls his head, he should offer degrees of recline or accept various positions. For children under one year, reversible seats are recommended, that is, that the baby can go looking at their parents or caregivers.

3. According to the use, thus the characteristics

Evaluate the intensity and rhythm of the daily activities that the baby will accompany you to in his stroller. If you train, have a routine of walking or moving to specific places with grass, humidity or irregularities, you must determine that it meets the demands.

Large, strong wheels will do well in the field. But when you live in the city and in a building, the elevator or the stairs will be on the list of priority attentions. The same if you have to use the subway or public transport in your routine.

Likewise, you have to weigh the trunk of the car when purchasing the stroller, because when it is time to travel, anything could be left if there is no space, except the chair.

4. Materials with which it is made

Lightweight and waterproof materials are key when choosing the stroller. This can weigh from 5 to 10 kilos, to which you have to add the weight of your baby. It doesn't seem like much, but in the long run and with extra load, it can be difficult to carry the volume. In any case, the handling must always be pleasant, easy and safe.

Frequent rain, sun or variations of the weather will help you determine the number and type of accessories for the chair, but also their materials. By the way, the height of the handlebar is usually standard, although very tall parents may need to have an adjustable system.

5. Security system

Consider that the carrycot or chair does not have any material or closure in which the child's fingers get tangled when he handles. And that the braking system or the wheel locks work. Don't wait to check it out on a bumpy road or on an escalator.

Another unavoidable aspect are the straps or harnesses. All the new designs conforming to European regulations offer a harness with five anchor points. The baby must be well restrained and secure to prevent him from slipping in the chair or shifting to the risk of suffocation or strangulation.

Although the chair safe care can relax us, losing sight of the child is very dangerous. Find a chair whose waterproof hood has a visor inside.

Advantages of strollers for babies

Switching from the carrycot to the stroller must be done in good time, beyond the manufacturer's recommendations. It is the baby by sitting up and checking his head who will tell you that he is ready. Once you are seated, firm and comfortable, you can begin the adventure of recognizing the world by walking.

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More time to share

You are with your baby while you take long walks to think, get fresh air, go to a park or go shopping. Your child is distracted, knows the world around him, rests and even may fall asleep due to vibration. The stroller allows you to save quality time with your baby.

You get rid of the weight

Another advantage is that the baby's weight rests on the chair and not on your arms or back, as with chargers. These, although they achieve that mother and child are together, even allowing breastfeeding if necessary, ask the wearer for relative strength and resistance.

Releasing the arms from time to time is necessary, since the constant load of the baby generates muscle aches and pains.


Well selected, the baby stroller can be used to sleep, eat or walk through the countryside or the city enjoying the view and the afternoon. There are even some with relative capacity to transport food or other things. All solved by a single device.

In case of carrying many packages, using the handlebar may be inappropriate. When removing the child from the chair or if he gets off, it is likely that he will tip over and everything will collapse. Try to choose one with load capacity at the bottom; moving things will serve as a counterweight and the chair will gain balance.

From the stroller to the jogging cart

If you are used to a training routine that includes the mountain or running, there are chairs designed for it. With bigger and stronger wheels and a harness system that offers extra safety to the child.

You can keep doing jogging or running with one of three wheels, off-road, light and good suspension. A five-point harness, a handlebar braking system and a wind and rain bubble. You have it all? So, to train to be healthy and recover the figure after delivery.