5 tips to accept age and aging

Aging is something natural and inevitable. Therefore, can we accept age and prevent it from making us sad? It’s possible. Perhaps, these tips will help us.

Last update: 15 March, 2022

We can’t stop the passage of time, no matter how much we want it. Despite trying to alleviate the effect of the years with anti-wrinkle creams or doing some kind of aesthetic touch-up, the days continue to add up. Accepting age and aging is something urgent sooner or later. In addition, doing it as soon as possible will help us live more fully.

Due to the culture in which we were born and raised, we consider that being young is better. We forget the experience that the years give us, of being alive here and now, of loving ourselves as we are even though our physique changes. This makes us afraid of getting old, something that even has its own name: it is known as gerascophobia.

Why is it so hard for us to accept age and grow old?

The answer is simple: it costs us because of a cultural issue, but also because of the fear we feel in the face of this change of stage in our lives. Getting older not only involves physical changes, it also requires us to take better care of ourselves.

We won’t be able to party until late at night anymore because we’re not going to take it. Likewise, we may have to be more careful about our health and unexpected illnesses may appear.

Accepting that we age is something that costs us culturally.

It is very possible that behind this rejection of everything that age brings us, there is a fear of death.. Turning years old is still a path to our end and since we are born we know how our life will end. This may be the biggest fear to accept age and enjoy all the benefits that this stage can also bring us.

Tips to accept age and enjoy it

It is possible to accept age and enjoy it in each of its stages. Why don’t we want to grow old, but we also don’t want to be babies again? We have expectations and a series of idealizations regarding the perfect age. Maybe 30 is the best years? Unfortunately, we are going to keep adding more and more years. For this reason, we are going to see how to accept age.

1. Age has made us better

Surely we remember those crazy years in which our relationships were not entirely healthy or we suffered a lot. Accepting age implies recognizing what it has given us: the possibility of being better people, of learning from our mistakes, of moving forward, of growing, of thinking in different ways, of discovering our values. We must value all of this.

We have changed, our life is not the same, but surely we live as we want. Let’s think about everything we have achieved, the goals we have reached, the people we have met. Life is precious and we have lived it intensely. The end is still far away, so let’s embrace aging to see what lies ahead.

2. Changes are not always negative

Let’s stand in front of the mirror and observe those wrinkles that begin to appear on our face. How many laughs and happy moments have caused them? Let’s reflect on that moment when aging will lead us to retire and enjoy our lives even more. Trips, rest, new friends… Changes are not always negative, haven’t we learned this yet?

3. Let’s value what we have

Another piece of advice that can help us accept age and aging is to value what we have. Our skin may not be as smooth as before, we may have blemishes or wrinkles, but we are still healthy and that is something to celebrate! As well, if age has given us children or even grandchildren, would we really have wanted to miss it?

Getting older does not have to be negative if we know how to appreciate everything we have achieved and the time that lies ahead.

Sometimes we worry about age when we can’t do anything to stop it and, meanwhile, we forget to enjoy life. We have incredible people around us, experiences, health and many years to live in style. Age is just a number and what we think of it may have to do with fears that can be faced.

4. Let’s take care of ourselves despite our age

Taking care of ourselves, worrying about our diet and playing sports is something that will ensure a better aging. We will notice ourselves with more energy, healthy, lively and in great physical condition. Despite wrinkles and flaccidity, taking care of ourselves will help us accept age. So let’s not wait to do it tomorrow. Let’s start today.

5. Let’s cultivate self-love

With the help of a professional or by finding friends with the same purpose, cultivating self-esteem will help us accept age. We will accept that each body is different, that each one also ages differently. We will begin to love the person we see in the mirror and all that it entails. A stage full of adventures and challenges.

Growing old is as wonderful as any other stage of life. We must learn to put aside beliefs that may be affecting us in order to live without fear, without harming ourselves. Are we really going to always be sad after a certain age? We don’t deserve it.

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