5 tips for returning to work in the New Year

You can't keep avoiding it. It is already around the corner and there is nothing you can do about it. The return to work is imminent. After a couple of weeks of waking up at the time you want and enjoying your free time, reality returns.

Post-vacation syndrome isn't pretty. It is an adjustment disorder, that is, a stress-related condition. It happens when you suffer more stress than you would expect from an event. That causes problems in relationships, work, school and any environment.

To return to the office and without regretting too much we give you some tips. Start the New Year off with a good start to work.

Tips for returning to work on New Years

In general, to get off to a good start in your work you need to be aware and prepare ahead of time. In this way, you will promote re-adaptation, because that is what the whole process is about. You should adjust again and feel comfortable with the work environment.

1. Get together with your coworkers

Spend time with your coworkers. But not in a meeting plan or to talk about work, but you can meet with them to talk about the holidays or anything that makes them feel comfortable.

Exercise together, go out to eat something, or make an occasional visit. This will help reinsert yourself into the environment.

Meeting with co-workers outside of work is one way to reduce stress.

2. Don't stop doing what you did on vacation

You may not be in the same tropical or mountain paradise anymore, but why stop doing what you did on vacation? Bernardo Peña, psychologist, says it is ideal to continue going to the pool or jogging after the holidays. These actions will bring you pleasure and that will give you happiness.

It's something you can do on Monday afternoons, shaking up the gray of each start of the week a bit. It can even be a new habit.

Having habits is important to organize ourselves and plan for the future. In fact, we schedule leisure. So it may be healthy for you to start swimming after returning from that beach vacation.

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3. Run away from routine

Although routine is necessary, you may need to break it up a bit from time to time. Returning from a vacation, taking the same route, seeing the same old places and the same people can cause a feeling of sadness.

You have to take different streets when going to and from work and start doing different things before going home. You can go out to the gym or go for a drink after a whole day at the office.

Or if you fancy something out of the ordinary, you can dare to things you would never do, such as dance classes or practicing an extreme sport. Take some risks.

4. Start getting used to the schedules

When we get used to waking up late there is no going back. We must adapt the circadian rhythm again to fall asleep at one hour and get up at another.

According to the National Institute of Medical Sciences, circadian rhythms help determine sleep patterns. The body's main clock, located in the brain, controls the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. This clock sends information about the light that enters the brain through the optic nerves. When there is less light, the clock tells the brain to make more melatonin to make you sleepy.

During the holidays we tend to unset that biological clock by watching series or movies until late, getting into social networks, going to parties or reading a book. But days before going to work it is advisable to forget about the activities that keep us awake.

It may be difficult to fall asleep early at first, although little by little the body will return to its habit. It is the ideal thing so that it does not cost you to wake up early the day you have to go back to work.

During the holidays we sleep at different times than usual and we alter the circadian rhythm.

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5. Take it easy

We tend to think of the million pending we have with the return to work. But take it easy and get organized. If possible, the first day after the holidays do the simplest tasks and gradually include the most intense ones.

Returning to work is not the end of the world

Returning to work after New Years is something to take in stride and anticipation. Prepare to gradually resume your responsibilities. Do not rush right away, because physiological systems need to understand, too, that the routine is modified.

Don't expect to fall suddenly into reality, but prepare to land slowly to have a positive outcome in your life. Happy back to work!