5 things that kill love and break your relationship

As it is born, love can also die. It is like a delicate flower that needs effort and dedication to keep it fresh, beautiful and healthy. For that reason, you may be interested in knowing 5 things that kill love and that, therefore, They may end up breaking your relationship. Take note!

5 things that kill love

A relationship is a matter of two. So, it requires the effort and dedication of two people to be completed, respected and live together. This supposes a great effort, without a doubt, because often we must leave the egoism and the preconceived ideas to a side in order to find a harmony between the two.

In effect, it is about making concessions in many aspects, but also to establish and respect limits. In this way, we can achieve a balanced relationship that can last. Now, what are the things that can affect love so much to the point of ending it?


Jealousy can end up limiting the freedom of the other person, turning the relationship into something toxic.

Feeling jealous is normal. It is logical and reasonable that we fear losing the person we love. However, when they are extreme, they can only bring negative consequences.

Jealousy can make the other person believe that we consider it an object, a possession. Further, denote a clear lack of trust in the other and in ourselves, so that the most important pillars of a relationship (trust and respect) are affected.

In extreme cases, jealousy can lead to one of the members of the relationship try to reduce the freedom of the other, which is lethal for a balanced and harmonious relationship.

The routine kills love

The routine is surely the worst enemy of a relationship, whatever its duration. In effect, it can cause tedium, boredom and other unpleasant feelings such as frustration.

Likewise, all this may result in the communication deteriorating, in which the constant complaints and complaints arise and in which Conflicts, even for trivialities, end up dominated the life in common.

On the other hand, routine, if not fought, can lead to isolation of the members of the couple who, even if they are together, can feel alone. It is what is called "Loneliness in company", an unequivocal sign that things are not going well.

For this reason, we must take care of the relationship and the love that supports it. We must do things together, new things that give a special touch and that remind us why we fell in love and why we chose our partner.

You can join together to yoga classes, pilates, dance; dedicate time to yourselves, individually, and yearn for the company of one another; you can make excursions, travel, prepare surprises … It only takes imagination and desire to care for and rekindle what exists between you.

The lies in your relationship

«A lie can call into question all truths».

Trust is one of the foundations of any healthy relationship. Because, the lie is one of his enemies, capable of ending love.

In fact, it is much better to always tell the truth, in the right way, even if it could turn into some kind of conflict. It is always better to be sincere, without fear, assuming the consequences. Lying is risking breaking the trust that our partner has placed in us.

The lie can end love and one of the most important bases of a relationship. Thus, once the lie appears, the other person can doubt everything. It is, in effect, as the saying goes: «A lie can call into question all truths».

The reproaches and complaints

A relationship is between two people and there are no two people who are the same. A) Yes, we can not and should not expect the other to do everything the same as us. It is a different person, who has had different experiences to ours, and whose way of thinking and acting differs from ours by many things that we have in common.

Therefore, waiting for the other person to act or behave as we want or want is a fallacy. If, in addition, we constantly criticize and criticize the other, we will only make the relationship deteriorate and become toxic.

It's much better establish effective communication and speaking things constructively in order to reach an agreement and seek the best for everyone and for the relationship.

Infidelity in your relationship

Infidelity hurts the most basic parts of a relationship: trust and respect.

Infidelity is a betrayal. Therefore, it is almost an "attack" against the basic foundations of a relationship: trust, respect, love.

Indeed, Being unfaithful also involves lying, lack of commitment and integrity, selfishness and deception. In this way, no matter how much the other person is willing to forgive and move on, something inside him will be irretrievably broken.

If we want to maintain love and a lasting and balanced relationship, we must be strong in the face of whims and temptations and weigh if it really is worth risking what we have. It is one of the toughest blows that a relationship can receive and, therefore, the risk of breaking it is important.

In addition, we must bear in mind that if we really want someone, we must respect that person as an individual, as a couple, as a person who trusts us. Because after an infidelity, Our partner is not obligated to forgive us, nor is she obliged to forget.

Therefore, always bear in mind that love and sentimental relationships are a living reality, that is, we must take care of their health. Its nutrients are trust, respect, love and keep alive why we want to be with that person, avoiding falling into the routine that could wither it.