5 tasty and healthy snack ideas so that what happens to Cristina Pedroche during quarantine does not happen to you

A few days ago the presenter confessed on Instagram something that media Spain is going through: the desire to snack between meals. "I don't feel like doing anything, just eating," she admitted, recounting that she has forced herself to play sports these quarantine days to prevent physical consequences.

And one of them is precisely the one that brings boredom: an unreal desire to eat, which does not correspond to hunger, but to gluttony. And the worst? That what we most often want are unhealthy snacks, proof of this is the aisle of the ultra-processed supermarkets, where potato chips are scarce almost as much as toilet paper.

But since we are going to snack, they better be quality snacksDon't you think? We have five super easy ideas that the Carlos Ríos app, Myrealfood, has given us, where they bet on the healthy snack. It is time to take note and apply it for our next Netflix marathon.

one. Rice pancakes with fresh cheese and strawberries: a low calorie snack, but quite complete nutritionally, since it provides carbohydrates, dairy proteins, calcium and vitamins from strawberries.

two. Walnuts with an ounce of dark chocolate: or any dried fruit you have around the house, remember that you should avoid going outside as much as possible. And a tip that you will love: try melting the chocolate and pouring it over the nuts, let it solidify et voilà, you will have a quick and healthy dessert.

3. Whole wheat toast with cheese and tomato, which can be a healthy breakfast or part of your snack. A simple but above all, satisfying combination.

Four. Popcorn: yes, you don't have to give them up. But be careful, buy whole corn kernels to do it, they are not only cheaper than ready-made popcorn, but they also have many fewer calories. You can put curry on top, turmeric, salt, pepper …

5. Apple with peanut butter: a snack rich in protein from the cream and fiber, thanks to the apple. Although there are other fruits that also fit very well in this combination, such as bananas or strawberries.

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