5 stretches to help relieve back pain

Spending a lot of time sitting each day can cause discomfort in the back and neck, leading to severe headaches. People who hold many hours in certain postures should take the time to do these five stretches to ease the pain in the column.

Stopping to breathe deeply while exercising some of your body muscles can help you feel much better. Even if they don't experience bodily discomfort, exercises can help prevent it. Relieving accumulated stresses after a long day of sitting while watching a screen.

The benefits of body stretching can be many, including improving long-term stability. And in the same way it considerably reduces the signs of stress.

1- triceps stretches

To start, raise your left arm straight. When it is completely up, you should fold it and bring your hand behind your head. Then put your right hand between the shoulder blades, while you slowly stretch your neck. Now raise your right elbow and hold it with your left hand.

Stay in this position for 10 seconds, then lower your arms, relax them and repeat the exercise with the other side.

2- rotational exercise of the lower back

This stretch can be done while sitting in a chair. It's one of the more effective to alleviate the pain.

Sit with balanced hips and spine spinal upright. Twist your torso to the right. Place your left hand on your right knee to help stretch. The shoulders must remain parallel.

This position should last about 10 seconds, and then repeat with the right side.

3- Lateral flexion

On the floor or sofa, sit down and cross your legs. Then raise your arms until you are as high as you can. Lean your torso to the right side until you feel the stretch in the area of ​​the abdomen and ribs.

Take a deep breath and fold your arms comfortably behind your head, hold them for 5 seconds and lower your arms again. Do the same procedure for the left side.

4- Child stretches

For this exercise, the wrists, elbows, and shoulders should be aligned while lying down, but the palms of the hands should be on the floor.

The first movement is to push the butt back, bringing it as close as possible to the heels, comfortably and painlessly. Then the head and chest are lowered, stretching the arms as much as possible, until the spine resists.

Stay in this stretch for 20 to 30 seconds or more. And finish it, slowly returning to the starting position.

5- exercise of contraction of the shoulder blades

This posture is recommended to be done when getting up, especially to alleviate the pain felt in the back or neck.

It can be performed standing or sitting, the arms have to be at the sides, while the palms are turned outwards. The shoulders should be relaxed and without shrugging little by little tighten the shoulder blades. Hold this stretch for 6 seconds and then relax your body.

try any of the stretches to relieve pain in the spine and tell us the results