5 steps to clean a barbecue

The barbecue has become a useful element to enjoy pleasant moments with family, friends and good food. However, When it is time to clean, it can cause headaches. Do you want to know how to clean a barbecue?

As with other items that are in contact with food, barbecue tends to accumulate fat, burnt food waste and other substances They are difficult to remove with a regular wash. Therefore, today we take the steps to leave it impeccable.

How to clean a barbecue in 5 simple steps

Many people have decided to include a barbecue in their home, since They allow you to enjoy roasts and special family meals. In particular, this element lets you enjoy smoked, braised, charcoal and with a totally different flavor than other cooking methods.

The main drawback is that, after its use, the surface is usually quite dirty and greased. Further, When not washed properly, it tends to deteriorate more easily. What can you do? How to clean it? Write down the following steps.

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1. Remove the parts of the barbecue

It is advisable to remove the removable parts of the barbecue for easy cleaning.

First, you must disassemble the parts of the barbecue that can be separated. This makes it easier to clean the grill and the other parts that are usually dirty and greased after use.

  • In this point, make sure you use a metal brush or wire sponge to remove any carbonized or fatty food residue from the surface of the barbecue.

2. Use a degreasing product

In this step you have two options: buy a powerful grease remover from those sold in the market, or prepare your own degreaser with natural ingredients. Both options will be key to leaving the grill and the other parts as new.

  • If you opt for a homemade degreaser, do it by combining a cup of baking soda (200 g), with the juice of a lemon.
  • Once you get a thick paste, rub it on the barbecue with the help of a brush or sponge.
  • Leave it on for about 10 minutes and finally remove the residue with a damp cloth.

3. Clean a barbecue with onion

An onion can be useful for cleaning and disinfecting the barbecue. Simply rub it on the hot grids.

One of the most popular tricks when cleaning a barbecue is to use an onion. Although in principle it may sound a bit weird, actually this ingredient It is quite useful to prevent any grease or food residue from sticking to the grill.

  • You just have to cut the onion into pieces and put it on the hot grids.
  • If you like, you can lean on the barbecue tongs or tongs to rub the onion on the surface.

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4. Dip in hot water

Both the grill and the other detachable elements of the barbecue They can be submerged in hot water after the use of degreaser. What is this for?… Well, it completely removes degreasing residues, food or any dirt.

5. Remove the ashes from the barbecue

Removing the ashes left on the barbecue after use is decisive for proper cleaning.

When you have removed the grease and residues from the removable elements, it is time to remove the remains of ashes that are at the bottom of the barbecue. You should keep in mind that it is easier to clean them with a brush when they are freshly turned off.

However, if you have some remains in the background, You can make use of hot water, a metal brush and, if necessary, some dishwashing soap.

  • To start, pour hot water on the barbecue, after taking a while off.
  • Then let stand about 15 minutes and get rid of the water.
  • Then, pour warm water and remove the remains of ash with a metal brush.
  • Finally, apply some dishwashing soap, rub with the brush and rinse.

Do you want to clean a barbecue expressly?

We already saw the steps to perfectly clean a barbecue. However, If you only have time to do a quick cleaning or "express", consider the following:

  • First, wait for the barbecue to cool slightly and remove the grill.
  • Then, when the ashes are well extinguished, remove them with a brush.
  • Using a metal brush or sponge, rub the grill and the lower tray of the barbecue.
  • After this, you will have a clean and fat-free barbecue.

Do you have a barbecue at home? Do not forget to apply these tricks for cleaning. As you can see, it is very simple and allows you to keep this element in perfect condition.