5 sports that have excellent benefits for you and you should try

We always say that what distinguishes us from the rest of the animals is our reasoning, but we do not always behave in the most logical way. Although we have the ability to understand that there are foods and habits that do not do us good, sometimes we find it hard to change them for healthier ones.

What do you need to lose weight and feel good with your body? Take a good diet and exercise. Of course some people have different metabolisms and need other resources, but this is the general rule.

We all know it, but the idea of ​​exercising, of running without any goal or of going to the gym and exercising muscle for muscle, working machine by machine, can be so tedious that we can easily convince ourselves with other less healthy options, but also more fun . But not all physical activity has to be boring. These sports can be indicated if you want to transform your body and feel better.


> The urban sport of running freely, jumping, avoiding obstacles and going through the concrete jungle in a creative way is an exercise in strength, speed and mind. In addition to making you exercise all the muscles of the body in different movements, it gives you much more strength in the extremities and in the abdominal area. However, there is more. It also serves to develop your confidence, security and creativity.

Of course, when we say this, we are not encouraging you to do pirouettes on the edge of a roof. You can take advantage of all the benefits of this activity by practicing it in a safe environment.


Going out to nature and climbing can be complicated for most, but today there are many places where artificial walls provide similar benefits. This activity strengthens your whole body. Imagine the strength you need in your arms, legs, torso and more just to start climbing. It also increases your flexibility, is excellent as cardio and improves your brain function.

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> Squash

This game is about speed, both in the body and in the mind. In addition, you need a lot of strength, which at the same time you must measure to know when to attack with everything and when to go with little.

Squash is really entertaining, and although you must take care of your knees because of the position you take, it allows you to improve your strength, reflexes and your cardiovascular capacity. There are many testimonies that even works as a kind of psychological therapy.

> Football flag

If you have ever played football, you will know that things can be quite aggressive. The flag football is a variant in which there is no contact and therefore it is a game of much more speed, so you work all the muscles during a great part of the game. No doubt a sport that gives you all the benefits and also teaches you to work as a team.

> Tennis

This sport helps you improve your aerobic capacity and your flexibility. It is perfect for reducing heart problems and body fat at the same time you increase bone density. It is perfect to be a sport without impact that you can also start practicing at any time of your life.


What sports do you practice? Tell us!


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