5 simple exercises to burn leg fat

The legs they are an area sensitive to fat accumulation, which results in the presence of conditions such as cellulite and sagging.

Burn the fat of the legs is possible, however, it is necessary to be clear that it requires an important change, both in food and physical activity, because the only way to achieve visible and lasting changes is through physical exercise and diet correct.

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Do you want to know how to burn fat on the legs and get the figure you want? Follow this series of five exercises based on movements with light weights and many repetitions to achieve it.

1. Squats

This simple exercise can be done with the support of a chair or with the natural weight of your body. Just remember to pay attention to the posture, because if you bend over, your spine can be damaged.

Since this exercise imitates the natural way of sitting, the correct way to execute it is by bringing the buttocks back at the time of lowering, with the weight on the heels. Your knees should never pass the tips of your feet.

2. Stride

To start practicing this exercise, you must separate your feet shoulder width and bring one of your legs back. This movement will help you burn the fat located in that area and also strengthen your buttocks.

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3. Cross jumps

With this exercise you will also practice cardio, and improve your physical endurance. What you should do stand with your legs apart. Then, start making small jumps by crossing them slightly, and return to the original position.

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4. MOVEMENT Bicycle

This exercise will help you work your lower body and burn fat in an aerobic way. What you have to do is imitate the movement you make when you go around the park pedaling your bike.

In this case, you have to pedal while lying on a flat surface. Flex both legs to 90 degrees and lift them over your body. Make circular movements with them alternately.

5. up and down stairs

If three times a week you go up and down stairs, in a short time you will notice your muscles turning.

Tone legs is a matter of decision. Be consistent with these exercises and you will notice changes from the second week of practicing them.

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