5 signs that you are not compatible with your partner

Being or not compatible with a partner is essential, as this will mark the course of the relationship. If you have doubts, it is important to solve them to make decisions.

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Elena Sanz on November 22, 2021.

Last update: November 22, 2021

Can you not be compatible with your partner? If you ask yourself this question, something is wrong in your relationship and it is important that you resolve it. The discomfort that this can make you feel will affect your bond with the other person.

It is clear that when you are in love there may be things that you do not see. Phrases of the type love is blind They make it clear that you may miss some of the signs that you are not compatible with your partner.

The importance of being compatible with your partner

Opposites attract they say. It is a phrase that comes from that romantic and idealized love that has caused so many bitter moments in some couples. Being in love with someone else and wanting to build a life together doesn’t have to be perfect, ideal, or magical. It should only be real.

As the psychologist Silvia Congost explains, unhealthy attachment can be caused by not knowing how to identify the signs that you are not compatible with the other person. This means that you share almost nothing and that your personalities collide.

5 signs that you are not compatible

Have you ever stopped to think about what made you decide to share your life with the other person? It is very possible that you are not clear about it and that answering this question will be difficult for you.

If to all this you add that you are at a time when you doubt your compatibility, maybe you should reflect on what has brought you together. These signs can help you.

Arguments are to be expected in any relationship. But what happens when the whole relationship is built on them?

1. They don’t have the same goals as a couple

If your partner wants to have children, but you don’t (and this is something that you are clear about and that will not change over time), you are not compatible. It is impossible to build a relationship when each person wants something different. Over time, perhaps several years from now, your partner will begin to pressure you to have children and this will lead to a very uncomfortable environment and an expected breakup.

2. They have a different conception of the relationship

Does your partner want to open the relationship, but you don’t? Well, this is another of the signs that warn about a great incompatibility in the couple.

If at some point you give in, you are going to have a very bad time because that does not go with you. So you better drop that relationship to make room and find someone who thinks like you. Nobody changes their way of thinking under the premise that love cannot do everything.

3. They collide a lot in sex

Another of the signs that your partner and you are not compatible is sex. You may want to have sex every day, but the other person doesn’t.

This will not only generate arguments and a lack of understanding, but also frustrations. Even if you sit down to negotiate, it is possible that this incompatibility will only increase. So, get ready to make a decision.

4. They don’t have the same thought about money

This is an important point for a relationship to move forward. Imagine that your partner never saves; by the end of the month, all his salary has been spent.

However, you do the opposite; So much so that you have money left over when the next month starts. Well, as you open a joint account, you already know what will happen. Although they may have separate accounts.

5. Their values ​​are not the same

Although you don’t have to think the same as your partner, there are aspects in which they must coincide. For example, if you think that going to the psychologist is necessary, but your partner finds that crazy, this is a warning sign not to continue. The same happens with topics such as drugs, disorder, how to resolve conflicts and how to argue.

Sometimes it is better to make the decision to withdraw when the incompatibility is greatest.

What to do when you are not compatible with your partner?

If you have identified with some of the previous signs, it is possible that you are not compatible with your partner. You may feel somewhat lost, with doubts about what to do in this case, so if you can go to a professional it would be great.

With the help of an expert couples psychologist you can put your ideas clear. If the other person wants to go with you, so much the better. In this way, you can analyze what is happening and if there are possibilities to resolve this incompatibility.

Incompatibility with your partner does not always have to mean the breakdown of the relationship, although it is true that there are certain signs in which it will be impossible to negotiate. If an agreement is not enough for you, you will have to make another decision.

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