5 remedies with medicinal plants to relieve colitis

Would you like to know how you can relieve colitis at home? This is one of the most common diseases in the world. In fact, according to data from the World Health Organization, probably 45% of the population currently suffers from this disease. Likewise, it is estimated that at least 70 million people will suffer it sometime in their life.

In recent years, the number of colitis cases has increased worldwide. However, the worst affected regions are Western Europe, North America and Australia. This disease occurs mainly in women between 20 and 40 years of age.

While The science you have not been able to pinpoint the cause of colitis, it is believed that genetic factors are involved. So far, 200 genes related to this disease have been found. However, it is also clear that habits and environmental factors influence their development.

Colitis, an annoying disease

Colitis is an inflammation of the colon or rectum that produces bothersome symptoms. The United States National Library of Medicine notes that the main ones are abdominal pain, rectal pain, the presence of blood or pus in the stool, intestinal gas, fever, weight loss and boborigmos (sounds in the intestine). Sometimes it also causes joint pain and skin ulcers.

There are several types of colitis. The main ones are:

  • Ulcerative colitis. There is inflammation and presence of wounds or sores on the wall of the colon. It is chronic.
  • Associated with drug use. Some medications irritate the lining of the colon and cause inflammation.
  • Hemorrhagic. It is caused by the bacteria Escherichia Coli.
  • Nervous. Stress states can lead to inflammation of the colon or rectum. It corresponds to 70% of the cases.
  • Granulomatous. It is caused by an autoimmune disease called Crohn's disease.
  • Toxic. It is a complication of ulcerative colitis.

The treatment of this disease depends on the immediate cause that produces it. However, in all cases it is important to make an adjustment in the diet. Natural remedies are highly recommended to treat symptoms, although it is always advisable to consult a doctor about it.

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1. Aloe Vera, a natural anti-inflammatory

One of the plants most used to manage the symptoms of colitis is aloe vera or aloe vera. This vegetable would exert an anti-inflammatory and softening action on the intestine. Therefore, it could help to control both diarrhea and constipation.

It would be advisable to consume aloe juice regularly. You can make an infusion with a tablespoon of aloe vera and another equivalent of peppermint. They should be boiled in water for 10 minutes and taken three times a day, at room temperature.

2. Chamomile, another magnificent option

The chamomile infusion would help relieve intestinal inflammation.

There is evidence that chamomile would reduce inflammation of the intestinal wall. For this reason, it is believed that it could help relieve colitis. However, medical consultation is recommended.

It is best to pour two tablespoons of chamomile flowers into a cup of boiling water. Let it rest for 10 minutes and then strain. You can take up to three cups a day of this infusion every day.

3. Flaxseed to relieve colitis

Flax seeds have several properties that would promote good intestinal function. Among them, a high concentration of Omega 3, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Thus, it is often used to alleviate various intestinal problems.

The correct way to use this plant is Take a glass of water and add a handful of seeds in it. Then, let the mixture rest for a period of at least 12 hours. Drink a cup on an empty stomach, every day, until you feel relief.

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4. Carrot, better raw

Carrot would help reduce inflammation of the intestinal mucosa in a completely natural way, according to data from a study carried out by the University of Krakow. Likewise, it would help purify the entire gastrointestinal tract and strengthen the bacterial flora.

The ideal is to include it in the diet on a regular basis. It would be advisable to consume it raw, after washing it very well. In addition, it can be taken in juice, pureed, in soup or cooked with other vegetables.

5. The apple, a remedy to relieve colitis?

The antioxidant properties of the apple would favor the relief of colitis.

Some experimental studies, such as one published in IJMCM, noted that apple juice would relieve colitis symptoms due to its antioxidant properties. More research would be necessary to corroborate this information.

Apple water is prepared by boiling a portion of this fruit, between double the amount of water, for about five minutes. Let it rest for another five minutes and drink. Apple cider vinegar in compresses would help relieve abdominal pain caused by colitis.

Consult with the doctor

If you have symptoms of colitis, the best thing to do is go to a doctor's office, especially in those chronic cases. Remember that the exact causes of this disease are not known but that it is associated with different reasons.

Only the specialist will be able to analyze your case and act on the cause of such an annoying symptom. By resolving the cause, you will stop getting colitis on a regular basis. So do not hesitate and talk to your trusted doctor.