5 reasons to switch to sustainable beauty products

The hygiene and beauty industry moves around 500 billion dollars a year and generates 120 billion plastic containers, mostly non-recyclable. But it also mobilizes the economy of several countries and, directly or indirectly, employs millions of people, from raw material producers to creative advertising campaigns.

Gerard Prats was just one of the links in this huge chain and nothing was comfortable in it. This young Menorcan chemist specializing in cosmetics and an environment lover was horrified by the amount of pollution generated by the industry for which he had been trained. In fact, even if he liked it, he doubted whether to abandon it and do something more consistent with his concerns. But he found an intermediate path that was to create Saigu Cosmetics, a brand with everything he would like the beauty industry to do.

These are five reasons for you to also choose sustainability in your beauty products

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1. The sustainability of natural ingredients

The ingredients of natural origin, in addition to being more compatible with the skin than those derived from petroleum, save the environment from pollution caused by the synthesis of silicones, parabens or sulphites. That is why, when he created the formulation of Saigu's products, Gerard got that between 94% and 100% of ingredients were from nature, such as olive oil, vegetable waxes, rosemary extract, etc.

2. The proximity to exotic ingredients

Given that both Gerard Prats and his friend and partner David Hart were born on the island of Menorca, they were very familiar with the Mediterranean ecosystem and were confident that he could give them all the necessary ingredients to create their makeup. That way they avoided having to go looking for exotic compounds on the other side of the world and saved the enormous pollution that their transportation would require.

3. The constant search for new packaging

The 120 billion plastic containers a year that we talked about at the beginning are probably part of those gigantic accumulations of plastics that stretch across our oceans. Gerard saw all those containers and said to himself: "It cannot be that there is no alternative." And when he created his brand, he searched until he found the best available for the fluid foundation, made of glass and wood.

But his dream is to keep improving, and he works to develop refillable containers with biodegradable materials. Although it has the limitation of the previous point and the dilemma is posed: ask for recyclable materials from Chinese manufacturers or buy plastic from local suppliers? As always, sustainability is a path.

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4. Love animals beyond "cruelty free"

Unfortunately, globally, we are far from eradicating animal testing and mistreatment in the cosmetics industry. However, and considering that this is prohibited by law in the European Union since 2013, Gerard considered it an aberration to use the "cruelty free" claim that had become so popular among natural cosmetic brands for two reasons: for a On the other hand, it was implied that the rest of traditional brands did test on animals, when it is not true and it seemed unfair competition. On the other hand, it seemed to him that not to mistreat animals was totally insufficient, that his brand had to work actively so that they had the best possible life in a balanced ecosystem.

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5. 360º ethics as a starting point

But of course, Saigu Cosmetics could not fight for the regeneration of ecosystems and animal welfare and forget about people. So, in its philosophy, there is also the impulse of local economies by hiring proximity providers and respect for labor rights by proposing to these suppliers reasonable prices that allow them to give decent wages to their workers. In this way ethics is established in all areas and, behind what may be a simple lipstick for some, there is a struggle to show that the beauty industry can be more friendly and sustainable.