5 quick fixes to improve the look of your furniture

If your budget is modest, you may want to upgrade the look of your furniture with some tinkering. These are the easiest and fastest.

Last update: 09 March, 2022

Furniture doesn’t have to be scratched, faded, or torn to want to change it. Although they are in good condition, they may no longer fit the new style of the home. In any case, it is urgent to make a renewal. However, if you don’t have enough money to toss your old furniture out the window and welcome new ones, you should resort to alterations to improve the look.

Fortunately, this last solution can give good results. If a good job is done, it could give the impression that the furniture is new. That is what you are looking for in the end. Here, then, 5 quick fixes to improve the look of your furniture.

1. Touch up the wood

If the wood is in good condition, that is to say that it is not rotten inside, then with some techniques we could improve the appearance. You just have to be clear, before proceeding to do the renovation, what is the appearance you want to give it.

Some recommendations that could help you are the following:

  • Cover it with wallpaper. It is a new trend or style that consists of covering old furniture with contact paper, with a pattern or design that you like. You can awaken the inner artist with DIY crafts.
  • Sand the surface and paint. Keep in mind that to sand your furniture you should look for a ventilated environment. The first thing to do is remove the old and the remains of the old paint with sandpaper. Then apply the paint or stain and the sealer. In the end you will see a complete transformation of your furniture!
  • Paint. You can only paint if the old paint coating on the wood is in good shape, but if it’s more complicated, you’ll want to sand it down first.
Wooden furniture can be rejuvenated with a suitable paint and according to the style you want.

2. Reuse and modify a part

Not because they are old means that everything is lost. You can give it a second chance with some quick fixes to change the appearance of your furniture or find another purpose or function other than the one it had at the beginning.

For example, an old desk could be converted into a dresser or craft table. What you require is to spray paint it and bring it to life with a color that catches your eye. Place some organizers on top of the old desk and voila!

3. Cover to hide

When the damage isn’t that bad (when your couch has had a little mishap, but hasn’t lost its padding), it’s time to cover up to hide the little flaw. There are cushion covers that hide stains or tears.

If it is the latter case, consider sewing first before putting on the cover. In case the damage cannot be hidden, it will have to be upholstered.

4. Decorate strategically with cushions

Sometimes all you need to change the look of your old furniture and give it the impression of being on trend is to decorate with floral, French or French style cushions. vintage. The only thing you have to do is remove the old fabric and line it with a new one.

Keep in mind that you may need foam, a screwdriver, or a stapler.

5. Change knobs and hinges

Over time, the metal parts of the furniture rust. If we change them for new ones, you could make the furniture last much longer. You only need some screws and a screwdriver or a drill to make the operation easier.

Also consider fixing loose rungs from your furniture with special glue. Don’t wait for it to finish falling so you want to save it.

Metal knobs deteriorate over the years, but they can be rejuvenated.

Another opportunity to your furniture by improving its appearance with arrangements

Old furniture could get a chance to shine again and look great. Just consider giving it a few touch-ups of paint, changing the fabric, or replacing the hinges.

And of course, give them the style of your home so that you not only get a piece of furniture in trend, but at the same time it is authentic. Test it! Doing so not only helps your pocket, but also the environment.

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