5 online courses you can do at home to improve your health

In each house We are facing the confinement due to the coronavirus in a very different way. There are those who are teleworking, who do not stop all day to keep the children busy and entertained, there are those who resort to culture to entertain themselves (movies, comics, concerts …) and some are taking care of themselves a little while learning beauty tricks . Or mixing all these options according to the moment!

We propose something to you, not only come out reinforced of these hard moments, but also access knowledge that will serve you after it. That is why we have compiled 5 online courses that you can do at home to know and improve your health.

Course to learn to eat healthy

It is one of the biggest concerns we have and it is not always easy to get it right. This 20-hour course to learn to eat healthy, created and taught by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, will help you to have a balanced diet to be in good health. In addition to knowing the bases of human nutrition, it will also instill healthy habits to integrate into your life and that you can follow them once the course is finished.

Course to optimize the management of your time

This free course is perfect for "getting organized". If your interest is get hierarchical ideas and plans, correctly schedule your time and set goals (and of course get to them) we recommend this course to optimize time management. In addition, it is focused on being able to improve your productivity both in your personal life and in your work. It lasts around 30 hours and you will learn through videos, readings and qualified questionnaires.

Course on self-esteem and how to improve it

It is one of the most important things in life and also one of the most complex to know and understand. In this free 20-hour course you will understand what self-esteem and self-knowledge are. In addition you can also value it focused on children and understand how to improve it both in first and third person.

Mindfulness introduction course

It is one of the currently acclaimed meditation and relaxation techniques. To get closer to mindfulness we recommend this free online course of 5 hours. In the you will reflect on what this technique is, how it was born, what benefits it has, who can (and should) practice it or what requirements do you need to be effective. In addition you will already know some of the first mindfulness exercises to practice at home

Combat lack of sleep and stress

In this free course to combat lack of sleep and stress, you want let's be aware of what influences sleep, stress or insomnia and how to avoid it before it becomes chronic. To do it, you do not have to have previous knowledge and it has an estimated duration of 21 hours. It is aimed at both people who suffer from it and who wants to avoid it before it happens or help someone in their family or environment to overcome these moments of insomnia caused by stress.

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