5 natural remedies to treat peeling skin

The skin is our most extensive organ. It works as a barrier that protects us from the outside, so not only is it in constant contact with clothes, but also with cold, sudden changes in temperature, sun, wind and all kinds of factors that, sometimes, They can irritate her.

The pastures do not occur only in the backside of babies by the use of diapers (dermatitis). They can also be generated in adults by the effect of heat, friction, cold, humidity, perspiration, the use of synthetic fiber underwear, among other factors.

A pascara is noticed, in general, when the skin becomes red, rashes appear, or itching or burning sensation.

How can you cure it? Here we share some natural remedies that you can use.

aloe vera

The natural gel of the aloe plant has been used since ancient times in order to heal and regenerate the skin. It helps to soothe irritations, stimulate the regeneration of cells, and accelerate healing.

Olive or coconut oil

These natural oils are very moisturizing and have very beneficial properties for the care and regeneration of the skin. In addition, coconut oil helps you avoid any infection.

To apply them you should only place them on the affected areas. It's that simple!

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Apple vinager

Vinegar is antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal, but also relieves itching and helps regenerate dry skin. Apply it with a cotton ball.


In addition to being used in the kitchen, honey has anti-inflammatory properties that help the skin to regenerate. You can use it in combination with aloe vera gel to facilitate its application.

Chamomile or camomile

It has a great anti-inflammatory and soothing power. You can apply your cold or warm infusion in the form of compresses on irritated skin.

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Other tips for pastures or skin irritation

– Use neutral hygiene products, such as white soap without perfumes.

– Bathe with warm water and dry with small touches (without rubbing).

– Moisturizes the skin well. Do not use products with very abrasive products.

– If the skin is exposed to the sun, use protection.

– Use cotton blunt that allows the skin to breathe. Avoid tight clothes.

– Avoid spicy and alcohol.

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