5 myths about nutrition you have to stop believing

Who has not heard that to lose weight it is better to avoid dinner, or that the best thing you can do when you are on a diet is to consume light products, Not to mention that after 6 pm it is not good to consume fruits … the list of "recommendations" to keep you in shape is very long, and every day a pseudo guru adds one more.

And among so much information, misinformation begins to sneak into our daily lives and in the end we end up believing myths that are as false as drinking water makes you fat.

Today we will talk about 5 most popular myths Overfeeding

– If I stop eating, will I lose weight faster? lie

It is important to do the 5 meal times divided into 3 strong meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two snacks (mid-morning and mid-afternoon). Complying with this schedule will help you maintain an active metabolism and prevent our body from storing fat as an energy reserve.

– When I am on a diet, can I consume all the light products that I want? lie

I light it many times does not reflect the absence of calories nor the possibility of abusing that product without any danger. You can be obese even if you eat everything light. These products are not slimming. Getting fat or losing weight depends on the overall calorie count we eat. Even in its 'light' versions, certain foods remain very caloric because they contain a high percentage of saturated or trans fats and / or sugars, so your consumption should remain very occasional.


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– Does the fruit get fat? lie

The false expression To believe that consuming it at night is fattening because the fruit contains simple sugars that are quickly absorbed and when consumed at night, when one does not have a greater energy expenditure, these fruit sugars would be stored in the body, gaining weight. But this only happens when we exceed the daily caloric requirement level. While the issue of an abnormal increase in blood glucose values, resulting from the consumption of fruits at night, could only occur in the case of a diabetic patient, who due to his condition should have a particular schedule for eat fruits.

– Eating egg increases cholesterol: lie

The egg is the healthiest animal protein contains vitamins D, A, B2 and Niacin, also provides 6 grams of protein per piece and to raise blood cholesterol levels would need to consume 6 eggs a day.

– Diet is more important than exercise. lie

If what you are looking for is to lose weight safely and effectively, you will achieve it by giving 50% importance to the diet and 50% physical activity, by performing a diet you will control the amount of calories you consume, and that is essential to have a calorie deficit diet But you need physical activity to spend the energy and calories you consume.

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