5 Mercadona products that you should include in your shopping list

Those of us who are lovers of healthy cuisine scan supermarkets and food stores looking for those ingredients or foods that are healthier to include in our diet. Mercadona is one of the supermarkets that has the largest offer of healthy products and we have made a small selection for you with the 5 products that should not be missing in your kitchen.


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It is the quintessential Japanese healthy snack and is becoming increasingly fashionable in the West. Edamame, or green soybean pods, is the perfect healthy snack with Asian airs that can be combined with sesame, flake salt, pink Himalayan salt, paprika … It has a great nutritional value, it is a good alternative to animal protein, it helps reduce cholesterol levels, it is gluten-free and it is rich in minerals such as iron or calcium.

You can find it in Mercadona in the frozen food area, its preparation is very easy, you just have to put the edamame without thawing in boiling salted water for 3-5 minutes, drain the soy pods and put the accompaniment that you like the most. Delicious and with hardly any calories)

Frozen red berries

Another gem of the frozen food area and one of our favorite products are frozen red fruits. They keep all their vitamins, they are very good and nothing is added, neither sugars, nor additives, are the best option to have antioxidant fruit every day.

You can put them directly in a food processor to make homemade ice cream, smoothies … let them defrost to add them to oatmeal bowls, pancakes, cakes, or eat them as is. There are bags with a mix of red fruits (blackberries, blueberries, currants, strawberries …) or you can also find bags of blueberries, strawberries … They should not be missing in your freezer because they are very healthy and very helpful.

Peanut butter

Well, this product may be for many a unicorn that no one has seen but we assure you that it exists even if it is not yet in all supermarkets because it is a novelty and in other centers it has been sold out as soon as it arrives. Mercadona's peanut butter is 100% peanut, it does not have added sugars, oils or preservatives, and has become the object (or food) of desire among lovers of fitness and healthy food.

Peanuts They have vitamin B, folic acid, fiber, minerals and proteins, help balance cholesterol and strengthen the immune system. Of course, peanut butter is highly caloric so take it, but in moderation.

Pure cocoa powder

Mercadona's pure cocoa powder can be found under the name of La Chocolatera and its manufacturer is none other than the renowned brand of chocolates Valor. It is a pure cocoa powder that does not contain added sugars or any of those unhealthy ingredients that those who advocate real food flee from. It is a product that gives a lot of play, both for making desserts such as healthy brownies, cakes, pancakes, adding in yogurts, porridge, or making a glass of vegetable drink with cocoa with a little agave syrup. The healthier alternative to traditional cocoa powders that are packed with little or no healthy ingredients.


Kefir is a probiotic made with fermented milk that takes care of the intestinal flora or microbiota thanks to its 'good' bacteria, keeps diseases away, helps to repair the intestine, and is rich in calcium, proteins and vitamin B12.


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It has nothing else on its ingredient list than pasteurized cow's milk, cream (from pasteurized cow's milk), and lactic acid starters.. It is a really healthy alternative to commercial yogurts and you can use it in many ways, to soften a vegetable cream, to mix with oats, seeds and dehydrated fruit, to make 'yogurt' with cocoa powder … You can find it in the area of yogurts.

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