5 keys to start the day with energy

The beginning of each day is one of the most important moments. Mentalizing yourself to start the day with energy can make a big difference in your attitude and well-being. It's something like programming to get the best out of you daily.

Starting the day with energy means giving your body and your mind a moment to make a proper transition Between sleep and wakefulness If you allow yourself to make that transit with the best attitude, you will probably have a better disposition to face your journey.

There is nothing worse than starting your day to day with a bad attitude. Without realizing it, this triggers a whole series of facts, conscious or unconscious, that lead you to experience your whole day unpleasantly. Here are some tips to start the day with energy and good attitude.

1. Perception and attention

The first thing you should do every morning is to stay in bed for a couple of minutes, after waking up. During that short time, start inspiring and expiring deeply, five times in a row, with eyes closed. You'll see that, immediately, you feel more awake.

Then, briefly review your entire body, starting with the feet. Continue ascending, feeling every part of your body. How is it going? Advance this exercise until it reaches your head and then open your eyes. Start a new day.

2. Stretching, a great option

Take a minute to get your body moving, in a kind and benevolent way with yourself. Sit on the edge of the bed and stretch your arms, then the legs and then the back. It is the best way to stimulate circulation and start your muscles.

Then it is convenient for you to stand up and try to reach the tips of the toes, with the tips of the fingers. Next, do some gentle neck rotations. If you want to start the day with energy, these stretches will be a great ally.

3. Hydrate yourself, the best way to start the day with energy

The first organic self-care action is to hydrate. You take a good amount of hours without eating drinks or food. There is no better way to start the day with energy than drinking a glass of fresh water. It is better if it is warm, so as not to have a strong temperature shock.

Some recommend putting a few drops of lemon in the water to promote the functioning of the metabolism. Likewise, It is convenient that, while drinking your glass of water, say the word "thank you". It is a word with great power that reminds you that every day of life is a gift and puts you in good mood.

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4. A revitalizing shower

Nothing is more revitalizing than a good shower at the beginning of the day. It takes just five minutes and can be one of the most pleasant moments of the day. The low temperature shower helps remove fatty tissue and removes dead cells. So try not to put the water so hot.

It is best to start with a slightly warm temperature. At the last minute, reduce the temperature a bit. If it doesn't bother you, finish with cold water, the final 45 seconds. You will immediately feel very awake and this will help you start the day with energy and vitality.

5. Breakfast, a high priority

No day is good if you do not start the day with a good breakfast. Studies around the world indicate that a nutritious breakfast is a determining factor in maintaining an adequate weight and preventing different health problems.

Ideally, it contains a juice rich in vitamin C, as well as carbohydrates, fruits and proteins. Of course, you must take the time to chew well. You can not imagine how much it improves digestion with this simple measure. Do not have breakfast looking at the cell phone, the mail or the newspaper. They are not good companions if you want to start the day with energy.

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Bonus: manage your time well

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people start the day in a hurry. This is probably the worst way to start a day. Not only does it imply unnecessary emotional and physical expense, but it also gives you a bad disposition immediately.

If you look, a good start to the day does not take more than 40 minutes. Speed ​​only leads us to be more clumsy, to make mistakes and to create problems. Remember that your priority list should be headed by your personal well-being. So, just take advantage of those first minutes of the day to do your best for you.