5 keys & # 039; detox & # 039; for after christmas

Haven't you been through the phase that arrives after having swept through everything since December 20? Yes, we talk about detox. If you haven't even thought about it, we have something to tell you: don't get fat five kilos of rigor before worrying about excesses, because then it will be much harder to get rid of them. And never better. In addition, you should keep in mind that ugly Christmas sweaters in XL code are no longer valid after January 6, so … the various polvorones, nougat and sweets will be noticed in your silhouette and therefore, in your clothes.

What can you do so that the parties do not suppose a real catastrophe for your diet without depriving you of anything? Choose well and detox. It is the only possible (and winning) combination that you can maintain over time. How?

Not all meals are equally important

It is not the same to take six very caloric meals every Christmas to consume insane products every day with the excuse that it is Christmas. Seize the day 24 and 25 (as you have already done), the 31 and 1 and the 5 and 6 to eat what you like and enjoy traditional sweets. The rest of the time? The key is to eat light the rest of the time and make detox after the eaters.

Detox is not just green juice

Yes, the key to detox is to do without excess sugars and ultraprocessed and base your diet on fruits and vegetables. But it shouldn't be a fast interrupted by shakes. Moreover, detox includes more things than changing the diet.

Place the kitchen: It is not nonsense, you move away from everything insane and show the healthiest and appetizing foods you will have less temptation, therefore, you will eat better and you will not sin until your next meal.

Fill your fridge with fruits and vegetables, if they are ecological much better. Forget meat prioritizing blaco fish that is lighter and has fewer calories.

do exercise: if you eat what you want and also do not move anything you will notice immediately. To avoid having a heavy body and uncomfortable swelling, the best thing you can do is make up for extra calories with physical exercise.

Planning: if you organize and what you are going to eat and think of menus it will be more difficult to sin. Drink plenty of water, a glass in the morning on an empty stomach and stay hydrated.

Increase fiber consumption and introduce at least six or seven pieces of fruit a day.

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