5 key symptoms of menopause

October 18 is celebrated on International Menopause Day with the aim of giving birth to this condition that thousands of women between 40 and 50 years old live. When the time comes, the fertile period comes to an end and the symptoms of menopause begin to appear, at a stage that is considered premenopausal, and that, supposes a before and after in life, but also in the health of any woman May this process suffer.

Social menopause, divorces linked to menopause … this hormonal change converges with many others to consider. But you know what concrete symptoms have menopause? We give you the answer.


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What symptoms does menopause have?

Body changes: Changes in metabolism are associated with menopause, often causing changes in weight, especially when leading a sedentary life.

Hot flushes and lack of sleep: one of the main symptoms of menopause are hot flashes. How are they detected? There are more episodes of anxiety and heat, which are always accompanied by palpitations and sweating. Hot flashes are intimately linked to insomnia as they can unbalance the quality of sleep.

Irregular menstrual cycles: It is one of the main symptoms before menopause. Menstruations delay, lengthen or disappear for several months. That's when menopause begins.

Changes in mood: irritability, anxiety, tiredness, lack of energy … all these emotions can be concentrated due to hormonal imbalance.

Vaginal dryness: Estrogen levels decrease, which makes vaginal lubrication more scarce and therefore, sexual intercourse can become painful.

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