5 important things that I did not know before I became a mom

"There are many things I did not know before I became a mother." How many times have we heard the mothers who already have their babies in their arms? This exciting journey of life holds many surprises for which, in some cases, we would have liked to be prepared.

In this article we share the things you did not know before being a mom and that only experience allows them to know. Although each woman and each experience is unique, we all have many points in common too.

5 things you did not know before being a mom

1. You will have to forgive many things

First of all, before being a mom you have an idea of ​​very superficial motherhood. No matter how much they tell you, You will never know what it means until you live it in the first person. Because each case is unique and you are going to write your own story.

Although you learn all the manuals and listen to all the advice, the day to day will show you that you will have to let yourself be guided above all by your instinct. You will have to forgive many things that you will not be able to fulfill as you expected.

Not all mothers feel a love at first sight for their baby. The link sometimes needs more time to be created. But do not blame yourself, because the important thing is that you follow your natural rhythm.

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2. The relationship will change

Your relationship will change, although it does not mean that it will be worse, because other important aspects will appear to which you will devote your attention.

Second, it is inevitable that the relationship between the couple will change with the arrival of the children. However, the change does not have to be worse, but it is in our hands to direct this new stage to be positive for the entire family.

Before being a mother, life revolves around the couple and family issues, work, etc. But after birth, all the attention goes into the newborn, since it requires care 24 hours a day. And until you do not live it, you are not aware of how it is like that.

Hormonal changes, tiredness, sleep, stress, worries, decision making … Everything is tests for the couple, who will have to face this great change with patience, affection and a great sense of teamwork. In addition to trying to maintain the treasure of intimacy and romance.

3. Start the pelvic floor work before becoming a mom

Of all the recommendations that you will hear, do not underestimate those that have to do with the pelvic floor. Of this part of your body that you might not have heard before, your quality of life will depend to a great extent.

The ideal is to know the exercises in advance. In fact, much better if you learn them before pregnancy. Being aware of the pelvic floor is increasingly urgent, especially for young girls who already suffer from small urine losses. For example, when sneezing or laughing. So take it seriously.

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4. Achieving pregnancy is not always easy

Conceiving a child in the first attempts is not always possible. Therefore, give yourself time and consult your trusted doctor if you are thinking about getting pregnant.

Many women expect to achieve pregnancy in the first month. However, this happens in a low percentage of cases, but we do not know this until we start looking for information because we believe that we are not fertile.

Doctors recommend not to worry before trying for at least a year. However, if we want to facilitate the conception, we can help with a calendar of fertile days and an ovulation test, as well as a balanced and nutritious diet.

In addition, we can also perform routine analysis to detect possible deficiencies. However, the most important thing is avoid anxiety and frustration, living this stage with hope and optimism.

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5. You want to go back to the difficult days

Finally, surely many of The first days or weeks with your newborn will be much more intense than you imagined. And they will not always be accompanied by positive emotions.

But nevertheless, from here a few years you will remember them with great nostalgia and you'll even want to relive them. You will understand that expression that "the days are long but the years are short". Therefore, learn and enjoy every moment.