5 ideas to make your pet's house

Although there is a large market dedicated to products for household animals, with creativity and ingenuity it is possible to achieve excellent results on your own. In this article we will teach you 5 ideas to make your pet's house, guaranteeing a comfortable and suitable place for its rest.

Having pets at home can bring many benefits to the family, because encourage responsibility in children, help reduce anxiety, offer companionship and affection and, in the case of dogs, they encourage exercise by going for a walk. However, they are a big responsibility, as their well-being must be ensured with proper care.

According to the data platform Statista, the most popular pets in Europe are cats and dogs. This trend is replicated in the rest of the world. For example, in 2018, there were more than 76 million dogs and 58 million cats in the United States, according to information from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Why is it important for your pet to have his own home?

When you have a pet at home it is important to understand that they are not the same as humans. As a species, each animal has different needs, which in the case of pets we must help satisfy.

Hierarchy and territory are important for dogs, so they value leadership and their own space. For their part, cats are usually independent and also enjoy having their place.

In general, pets' own areas, such as houses or beds, allow them to find a safe space where they feel comfortable, protected and calm. In addition, it gives them the necessary comfort to rest and protect yourself from cold or heat.

As our room and bed offer us a private place for a good rest, pets must have their space to rest, sleep and carry their dolls.

Likewise, pets must have their own bed to prevent the spread of disease, such as those caused by mites and fleas. The Spanish Society of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and Pediatric Asthma indicates that allergens from dogs and cats remain in the air for a long time and are mainly found in their feces.

Therefore, to avoid the proliferation of these allergens it is convenient that they do not sleep in the same bed as humans and they are bathed frequently. Similarly, it is important to do a good cleaning at home when you have pets.

To prevent human infections that are derived from fleas and mites, it is best for pets to have their own resting space.

Ideas to make your pet's house

With the growing popularity of having a pet in the home, many of the products have become expensive. Nevertheless, with a little dedication it is possible to make your pet's house and achieve very beautiful and tailored results. Also, what better way to show them our love by making their bed ourselves?

Regardless of the style you choose, you should locate your home in a comfortable area that is not exposed to rain and excessive heat or cold. You can have it in a place in the home where it can interact with the family and feel part of the activity.

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1. Teepee style

There is a way to make a tepee or triangle-shaped house that is very good for cats. For it 2 rectangles and a wooden square are required. The square will serve as the base and the two rectangles should be joined to form the roof triangle.

To make this union you must make a cut of the same size and in the same place in the two rectangles. Then those cuts must be fitted. This is how the triangle is formed.

Then the square should be joined at the base. To make it better for cats, you can put a rope or a fique on the sides, to function as a scraper.

2. With an old coat

Use a bag or sweater To make a bed for your pet is very easy and allows you to recycle an old garment. As it is impregnated with your scent, your pet will surely find it pleasant.

First, you need to get a cushion and some kind of padding, which can be made from other recycled garment fabrics.

Then, you should put the cushion through the wide part of the bag and cook the edges to seal it. Then you will have to fill the sleeves and put them together in the shape of a circle, following the edge of the cushion that was inserted in the previous step. To make it more stable you can stick the sleeves against the cushion.

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3. With pallet

A pallet or pallet is a frame made of wood that is used in cargo areas. They are usually found in food or home stores.

They are very functional because they are shaped like the boards of a bed. Therefore, with a couple of nails or strong wood glue you can join several and form a beautiful piece of furniture.

Likewise, you can paint his name on the wood to decorate the bed and between the gaps that are formed in the structure form small drawers to store your pet's belongings.

4. With an old tire

Tires are one of the most polluting and difficult to break down elements. However, they can be given a longer useful life by taking advantage of them to make your pet's house. With a good cushion inside and decoration it will look great.

However, if you don't like the look of the tire, you can also choose to fill it and then line it. In this way you will not notice what it is, but it will give stability to the bed.

The recycling of tires is essential because they are difficult to break down. Use them as a pet house.

5. With a recycled chest of drawers

There are two ways to take advantage of an old drawer to make a house for your pet. First, you can remove the drawers and place a cushion on the base. Then you make a curtain that serves to cover and decorate.

The second option is to remove one of the drawers and use it to build your pet's bed on top. You can get a foam of a suitable size to insert and cover it with a nice fabric. Waterproof fabrics are good options because they make cleaning easier.

Cleaning your pet's house is essential

After learning how to make various styles of houses and beds ideal for pets you must perform proper maintenance on a regular basis. In the same way, it is very important to maintain a good cleanliness in the room, with disinfection of the pillows and washing the bedding frequently. This way you will avoid bad odors and the proliferation of bacteria.