5 herbs and spices that you should include in your pantry because they help your heart health

The Mediterranean diet, the one that favors the consumption of vegetables, fruits, fish, legumes, olive oil and nuts over meat and ultra-processed is the diet that best takes care of the heart. But to further support its good results, all help is little. Today we bring you 5 aromatic herbs and spices that you can add to your dishes and stews with joy because they have been shown to have effects on hypertension, one of the main risk factors that puts our cardiovascular health in danger. Is there a more delicious way to avoid getting sick?

Aromatic herbs against hypertension: parsley

Including parsley in your dishes should not involve any effort because ara something is one of the most Mediterranean aromatic herbs that exist. Parsley has a good amount of carotenoid antioxidants and vitamin C, two substances that help lower blood pressure. Pay attention to Karlos Arguiñano and sprinkle fresh parsley in your stews.

Aromatic herbs against hypertension: thyme

Rosmarinic acid is one of the main active principles of this plant that you can take advantage of to make marinades, stews, roasts and even scrambled and infusions. In animal models it has been shown that ingesting rosmarinic acid lowers blood pressure by preventing a specific enzyme from (the ECA), which is responsible for narrowing the blood vessels, can exert this effect.

Aromatic herbs against hypertension: cardamom

It is not an aromatic plant, it is a spice, but it is worth including it in this list of natural and gastronomic remedies against hypertension. Cardamom is used to flavor stews and rice in Asian cuisine and thanks to its heart-healthy qualities it wouldn't hurt if you copied their idea.

A study conducted in India with 20 people newly diagnosed with hypertension who they were given 3 g of ground cardamom per day it resulted in their blood pressure being lowered to near-normal ranges. Take note.


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Aromatic herbs against hypertension: cinnamon

Not only good, it is also an ally for the heart. Although it is not yet clear what is the mechanism used by cinnamon to reduce blood pressure, the fact is that laboratory tests have shown that people who include it regularly in their meals (for a minimum period of 12 weeks) they have healthier blood vessels, which favors a well-balanced blood pressure.

Aromatic herbs against hypertension: ginger

In Asia they have always revered him for being the protector of the heart and they are not lacking in reason. Ginger is capable of reducing blood pressure in different ways. On the one hand, restricts the action of the enzyme that narrows the blood vessels (an effect that it shares with thyme), and on the other hand, it is a natural calcium antagonist that, in people with hypertension, prevents calcium from entering the heart cells, thus lowering blood pressure.

A study carried out in China in which 4,000 people participated concluded that those who consumed 2 to 4 g per day of ginger they were less likely to have hypertension.

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