5 herbs and roots beneficial for the lungs

The herbs and roots They have been used in medicine since prehistoric times, reaching today, where thousands of people from different cultures choose this alternative as a complement to their therapeutic recovery.

The truth is that the flu can cause a lot of discomfort and discomfort. Body aches, fatigue and the desire to sleep all day are a big obstacle when it comes to getting out of bed. On many occasions it is accompanied by a constant cough that worsens the condition, since it does not allow you to rest properly, irritates the throat and in some cases produces secretions in the lungs.

For this, there are natural herbs that are ideal to go through a flu-like state without so many symptoms, and with fewer sleepless nights due to coughing.

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5 beneficial herbs and roots for your lungs:

– Elderberry: helps treat pneumonia. The best option is to make an elderberry tea with onion, it has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and expectorant action, helping to reduce the production of phlegm and cough.

– Thyme: help to reduce airway congestion. Thyme is an aromatic herb that helps treat respiratory tract irritation and congestion. Making tea with this herb is good for absorbing its antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties, helping to cleanse the lungs and strengthen the immune system.

– Oregano: oregano tea helps clear the airways. It acts as an antihistamine, that is, antiallergic, relieving allergy symptoms. In addition, this herb acts as an anti-inflammatory and expectorant, removing excess mucus, relieving cough.

– Licorice: this root has analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. It is an herb widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. Licorice tea helps unblock the airways, improving the passage of oxygen. It also acts as an expectorant and antibacterial.

– Mint: this herb is detoxifier and antihistamine. It is one of the most popular for treating respiratory problems. Its fresh aroma helps open the airways. It can be used to make peppermint tea, and it can also be found in the form of peppermint oil.

Each organism is unique and reacts in different ways, so before consuming any of these herbs or roots, it is advisable consult a doctor trustworthy. Sometimes these herbs can be useful as supplements to treatments that doctors decide on. Therefore, after receiving professional treatment, it is recommended to consult about the use of teas that help accelerate healing.

And you, have you tried any of these herbs?

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