5 healthy ways to cook eggs for weight loss

The egg is a versatile food that we eat just as an ingredient in any dish. The truth is that although for a long time we were told that it had to be consumed with moderation because it was responsible for raising blood cholesterol levels today and after hundreds of studies it has been proven that far from being a harmful food, it protects the individual of the development of cardiovascular diseases and converts bad cholesterol into good. Therefore, we could say that the egg is not an enemy to beat, but a real treasure of our food.

And if you also want to lose weight, this product can become a real ally. Yes, it is true that the egg can vary its caloric intake depending on how we cook it. For example, if we add other ingredients such as oil or butter, the food that we put in our mouth will carry more calories than if we consume it boiled. Specifically, a fried egg contains on average some 93 calories. Instead, a hard-boiled egg It is situated in the 76 calories.

Why do eggs help you lose weight?

Eggs enjoy a satiating effect thanks to leucine, an amino acid that eliminates the feeling of hunger and, therefore, prevents the fall in the dangerous pecking.

So we have selected the 5 ways to eat eggs that less calories contribute and that are more fitness.

Grilled eggs: At first glance they are very similar to fried eggs, but without an oil apex. Remember that a fried egg is between 160 and 210 calories -depending on its size-, but grilled ranges between 90 and 110 calories.

Boiled eggs: Nothing like the hard-boiled egg to provide a minimum of calories and a maximum of proteins. You only need to place the whole eggs in a casserole with water and let them boil for about 10 minutes.

Poached: Unlike boiled eggs, poached eggs are cooked in water or broth but removed from their shell. Heat a casserole with water and drop the eggs delicately in it. You can add a splash of vinegar or lemon juice in the water to facilitate coagulation. When they are cooked, take them out of the water and they will be ready to eat.

Baked eggs: In a baking dish place spinach with tomato and sliced ​​peppers and shell the egg on the basis of vegetables. Do it carefully to avoid being broken. Spray it with a drizzle of olive oil. You can add salt, pepper, oregano, and other species to taste.

Scrambled egg: Scrambled eggs are one of the easiest and healthiest ways to prepare the egg. Instead of using butter or oil, you can opt for some water or milk. Add the eggs to the hot pan and then pour some water or skim milk. Stir them until they dry. You can accompany them with mushrooms or vegetables such as onions, spinach or tomatoes.

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