5 healthy Japanese foods that you should incorporate into your diet

Japan is considered one of the longest and healthiest countries in the world, so its lifestyle, philosophy and cuisine are in the spotlight. Take note of these five healthy Japanese ingredients to include right now in your diet.


Kombu seaweed

In Japan it is very common to use it in soups. The kombu seaweed is purifying and among its properties it emphasizes that it strengthens the intestinal microbiota thus improving overall health and promoting weight loss. It stimulates the metabolism and has remineralizing power thanks to its high iodine content.

In addition to being able to add it in your stews, adding kombu seaweed to legumes is a trick to make them more digestive (and less flatulent), so it is a great ally to not feel bloated.



It is a fermented food derived from soy that is traditionally used in Japan. It has an aroma similar to that of cured cheese and it is a very rich food in probiotics, so it strengthens the intestine and the immune system. It is rich in proteins of high biological value, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. A food much appreciated in the country of the rising sun for its great healthy virtues.

You can buy it in establishments specialized in Asian food or even buy the spores (of the bacillus subtilis bacteria) to do it yourself at home If you are kitchens and want to experiment.



In the country of the rising sun, it is considered a food-medicine, a fermented paste made from soybeans, which is widely used in Japanese (and Chinese) cuisine. The miso is loaded with probiotics that help strengthen the intestinal flora, it is a great source of amino acids and natural enzymesIt is depurative because of its high fiber content, facilitates the elimination of toxins and helps regulate cholesterol levels.

It also has antioxidant properties that fight the damage caused by free radicals and slow premature cell aging. You can use the pasta to add in your stews, broths and soups, macerate meat or adding creams, sauces, glazes or desserts.


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Matcha tea

If there is a classic among the classics in Japan, with the permission of tofu, sushi or soy sauce, it is matcha tea or Japanese powdered green tea. Since time immemorial it has been taken as a comforting remedy and to maintain and strengthen health of the organism.

Matcha tea strengthens the immune system, provides balance in body and mind, helps prevent disease, control blood glucose levels, to reduce cholesterol and control weight. It is antioxidant so it is considered an elixir of life and youth.

You can include it in your diet As a substitute for coffee, whenever you want to enjoy a cup of tea, to make biscuits, smoothies, custards, ice cream … It has a peculiar flavor that hooks.


Shiitake mushrooms

Medicinal properties are attributed to this fungus widely used in Asian cuisine. It contains a lot of fiber and helps eliminate fat and cholesterol, in addition to strengthening intestinal bacteria. Shiitake mushrooms are rich in B vitamins and minerals such as copper, selenium, iron or magnesium. It has anti-inflammatory properties and strengthens the immune system, they have everything right? They are also very rich and give a special touch to the dishes.

You can use them in Soups, scrambled eggs, stews, pâté with them (with piquillo peppers they are delicious), sauteed, even for veggie burgers or croquettes. Yum!

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