5 habits to reach your goals

Reaching your goals is something that requires a lot of planning, but what do you have to keep in mind? In this article we give you some interesting tips.

Last update: February 11, 2022

We have started a new year and there are always resolutions that you would like to fulfill. But nevertheless, it is important that you get a little out of those general objectives that everyone has (and that very few people comply). Focus on reaching your goals.

Has it cost you before? It is very possible that the reason lies in habits. You may not have even thought about them, but they are very powerful.

When we get older we tend not to focus on the process, but on the results. There are things that take much longer than others to arrive and this may frustrate us. Nevertheless, habits matter so you can achieve your goals.

What is a habit?

If we are guided by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), a habit is a special way of proceeding or behaving acquired by repetition of the same or similar acts. For example, brushing your teeth every day as soon as you get up, before going to bed or after eating is a habit that leads you to take care of your oral health.

However, it is not easy to acquire a new habit. Starting to walk a little every day or eating better is difficult.

Because, always start small, introducing progressive steps that can take hold. Otherwise, a drastic change can also lead to a chaotic return to the moment you were in the beginning.

Habits that will help you achieve your goals

Now that you know a little about what habits are, let’s start with those that help you achieve your goals. Remember to gradually incorporate them into your life, with progression and without judging you if one day you fail.

This can happen, but if you are very demanding with yourself, you can get overwhelmed and throw in the towel. Therefore, avoid doing it.

Frustration and sadness at not achieving goals sometimes means abandoning everything, which is not recommended.

1. Specify the goals you want to achieve

To reach your goals, The first thing we recommend is that you specify them. New ones may emerge this year.

What you should always do is take a piece of paper and a pen and start writing. Define the goal, what are your motivations to achieve it and the objectives. Look at these simple examples.

  • Join the gym to lose weight.
  • Attend a course to improve my training.
  • Join the gym to improve my health, feel more energetic and strengthen my muscles. Also, with this I will be able to stay at a healthy weight.
  • Attend an English course to improve my communication skills, feel more confident speaking in this foreign language and be able to move up within my company.

2. Design an action plan with small challenges

After the above, another of the necessary habits so that you can achieve your goals is that always design an action plan. What do we mean by this? That you are going to have to set yourself small challenges that will take you to that great goal.

For example, you can start by exercising 2 times a week; then increase the days, try some new activity in the gym, go to a nutritionist to help you with food. One step after another.

3. Plan and commit

Surely you already know that commitment and planning are essential to achieve good results. In your work this must be so. Therefore, with your goals do the same.

Plan, establish that plan and commit. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a good day or if you don’t feel like anything, but get up and do it.

You will not always have the motivation from the beginning, but you must do things the same. One trick is not to think too much about not doing it, but to take action now.

4. Persevere and trust yourself

Sometimes, you may not be seeing results on the way to your goals, but nothing happens. You must focus on the process, persevering, moving forward little by little and trusting.

This is sometimes complicated and you must be very careful if you surround yourself with people who make that confidence come crashing down. Go back to that paper where the reasons why you want to achieve what you have proposed were. Breathe for it.

Write down your goals and specify what you want with them. You can read them again when you lose strength.

5. Enjoy the process

One of the last habits to reach your goals is that enjoy the process and life. Stay with friends, cultivate your relationships, find the positive in that part of the road that is costing you so much. Get to know yourself better and smile.

You are doing something that will allow you to reach that dream goal. In previous years you had never imagined even starting and now you have. So congratulations on it and keep working.

Achieving goals requires effort

Reach your goals requires being methodical, persevering and trusting oneself. If the latter is difficult for you, stand in front of a mirror every morning and repeat everything you are capable of.

Everyone has something they excel at and you don’t have to be perfect. You may be effective, that you have a strong willpower, that you really like the goal you are working towards. Knowing yourself will help you trust much more to achieve your goals.

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