5 foods you should start taking if you notice that your hair is thinner than before

There are many reasons that can make your hair not the same as a year ago, from stress to the arrival of the cold. But some of the changes your hair has undergone and how much they worry you can be fought if we add to our diet the nutrients that hair needs to preserve its good qualities. Pay attention to the foods listed below, they are rich in antioxidants that hair follicles need and in iron and thanks to them your hair will return to the thickness it had.

Foods to strengthen fine hair: mango

This tropical fruit with orange flesh not only arrives at your table loaded with anti-oxidants, it also has a good amount of silicon, a mineral necessary to strengthen the hair structure and promote hair growth.


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Foods to strengthen fine hair: soy

Soy and its derivatives can do a lot for your hair thanks to the fact that they decrease the production of a specific hormone (dihydrotestosterone) If it is produced in excess, it accelerates hair loss and makes it brittle.

Foods to strengthen fine hair: kelp seaweed (or kelp)

Seaweed is not the best ally for people with thyroid problems, but if that is not your case, you don't lose anything by including it in your diet from time to time. Contains an amino acid called l-lysine which helps the absorption of iron. A deficiency in both can lead to hair loss.

Foods to strengthen fine hair: figs

You will have to wait until they are in season, but as soon as they arrive at your greengrocer, do not hesitate to buy a good supply and eat two a day. Figs have a good amount of iron, just what you need to the production of red blood cells that carry food to your hair is guaranteed.


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Foods to strengthen fine hair: pumpkin seeds

These humble seeds that you can sprinkle in your salads are rich in protein and in a very interesting mineral for hair health: zinc. If we take enough zinc every day we will be doing a lot for the renewal of the hair fibers and new hair growth.

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