5 foods that nutritionists do not advise to lose weight

Any food can have a place in our diet, we do not have to completely deprive ourselves of any one in particular. The problem is that when Our goal is to lose weight, then we do have to moderate their consumption a lot or eliminate some, at least for a while. That's what the nutritionists who developed The NEEDNT Food List, a list of foods that we usually consider healthy, but that do not really contribute quality nutrients and do not advise on a weight loss diet. Rather they stand in our goal, since they usually contain saturated fats, refined oils and added sugars. That is why it is essential to always read the label every time we go to make the purchase.

Thermogenic foods that help you lose weight

This ranking of foods that nutritionists do not advise to lose weight, is made up of a total of 49 products. But we have reduced it to the five that have most caught our attention. We tell you why they are not recommended and how you can replace them.


1. Butter: can increase the "bad" cholesterol

It is true that butter is not bad if consumed in moderation, in fact it is much healthier than margarine. However, if we want to lose weight, experts recommend dispensing with it for a while. It contains saturated fats of animal origin that can contribute to an increase in LDL (the "bad") cholesterol.

How can you replace it? Instead of butter, use extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), as it is a healthy vegetable fat. Of course, if you want to lose weight, try not to take more than two tablespoons a day.


2. Vegetable chips: they do not help you lose weight

As much as the package indicates they are healthy, just take a look at their ingredients to quickly realize that it is really a processed food. Yes, it is true that this snack is made from vegetables (potato, beet and sweet potato are the most common), but the percentage is minimal. In addition, they are fried with refined oils such as sunflower or palm, which, at high temperatures, become a trans fat.

How can you replace them? Making your own vegetable chips at home. Cut the vegetables into thin slices, sprinkle with a teaspoon of EVOO and salt, and bake them instead of frying.


3. Muesli or toasted granola: contain sugar

It sounds healthy, right? However, experts discourage all those that contain more than 15 grams of sugar per 100 grams of muesli. Something that, by the way, also applies to cereals. Run away from those with added sugars and those who are promoted as "whole" when, in reality, they only have wheat bran. Instead of helping you lose weight, they contribute to your winning.

How can you replace them? You do not need to substitute another product, but look carefully at the label: the ideal is that they carry more than six grams of fiber per 100 of cereal, less than five grams of fat and also contain no sugar.


4. Luncheon such as turkey or cooked ham

Nutritionists discourage them because, in general, the meat content of these products that we buy packaged in the super, is really minimal. They also usually carry potato starch and even sugar, which gives us calories without quality.

How can you replace them? Try to buy them in the delicatessen and, in the case of opting for a package in slices, note that on the label indicate that it has at least 70% meat (turkey or ham).


5. Yogurts: not all are worth

If the goal is to lose weight, you should avoid fruit yoghurts and bet on the natives. The recommendation of the nutritionists is that we focus on those that contain less than 10 grams of sugar per 100 grams of yogurt. In this case it would not be necessary to replace them, since they are healthy if we take, at most, one a day.

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