5 foods that hide more sugar than you imagine (and also do not taste sweet …)

The American Heart Association and WHO they have it very clear: women they should not consume more than 25 grams of sugar a day (about six teaspoons)… but the reality is that the national average of daily sugar consumption almost triples that figure: 71 g daily and that has serious consequences for our health. One of the problems is that identifying that we are from the sweet spectrum life is more complicated than it seems, because much of the sugar that we end up eating at the end of the day comes from ultra-processed foods that contain it, but they don't even taste sweet. Do you want to meet these hidden sugary emissaries? Well We present to you 5 of those who have a higher amount of sugar.

1. Low-fat yogurts

They will have little fat, but sugar are well stocked. Like the vast majority of ultra-processed products sold as low-fat, This type of yogurt is usually increased by the dose of sugar to improve the taste.. Watch the labels carefully because in some cases a single 245-gram low-fat yogurt can contain up to 11 teaspoons of sugar (245 grams).

2. The barbecue sauce (among others)

Industrial sauces are not usually the golden dream of any dietitian-nutritionist, but barbecue can take the cake in terms of the amount of sugar it contains: 2 tablespoons (about 28 grams) of sauce can contain 9 grams of sugar. But it is not the only surprise, the soy sauce that tastes so salty, in addition to salt contains sugar: up to 7.7 grams per two tablespoons. And the same goes for ketchup: a tablespoon of ketchup equals a teaspoon of sugar.

Not only cakes live your addiction to sugar, the hidden sugar in some ultra-processed ones adds empty calories to your diet.

3. Industrial iced teas

There is no nutritional difference between having a traditional sugary soda and a glass of refreshing indsutrial iced tea. If you do not read the label well when choosing, you can take home a light-colored and healthy-looking drink that actually contains up to 35 grams of sugar per 340 ml.

4. Envelope Soups and Food Seasonings

Easy and healthy kitchen solutions do not seem to exist if they come in sachets and you only need to add water to enjoy them. In addition to not being the best option for nourishment, Some brands of envelope soups may hide sugar (and a fair amount of sugar and monosodium glutamate). Always check the labels. And as for ultra-processed dressings, the same thing: using a seasoning specially designed for fajitas can boost the amount of calories you consume when making this recipe: in some brands 55% of the product in the package is sugar.


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5. Alcohol-free beer

If you think that by eliminating alcohol from the beer composition your brewery will disappear, you are wrong. Non-alcoholic beer and even options 0.0 contain a good proportion of sugar: up to two and a half lumps per can. Although they will always be a better option than beer with lemon and its four lumps per can. The worst thing is that these sugars, free and in liquid form, are the ones that have the best chance of being converted into fat by the body.

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