5 foods that help you prevent autumn colds

In the seasonal change with the drop and contrast of temperatures that we suffer daily it is common for our defenses to falter and begin to make their appearance colds and seasonal colds. If you want to prevent them, pay attention to your diet and include these five healthy foods in your menus, prevention is better than cure.


As the body is not able to produce vitamin C it is essential that you include it in your diet. Although the kiwi is less famous than oranges as a food rich in vitamin C, the truth is that Kiwis have much more vitamin C, almost three times more than oranges.


Taking kiwi daily is a natural and simple way to fight seasonal colds. Vitamin C has proven to be an element that relieves the symptoms and duration of common colds so, if you make sure to include kiwifruit in your diet, you will be able to fight the cold and also strengthen your defenses by preventing diseases.


In addition to providing a lot of flavor to your dishes, garlic is a powerful ally to prevent colds and colds. Garlic is rich in allicin, a highly antiseptic substance that strengthens the immune system. A study published in Advances in Therapy concluded that those participants who took garlic supplements during the twelve weeks of the experiment had fewer colds than those who took a placebo so it is worth adding garlic to your meals, you will achieve more flavor and less colds autumnal



In addition to preventing colds by strengthening natural defenses, Honey is also a food that helps to alleviate the symptoms associated with colds and flu. Surely you have heard (or even tried) on occasion the grandmother's famous remedies, traditional recipes that pass from generation to generation such as drinking milk with honey, honey to tablespoons or lemon juice with honey, to improve symptoms such as sore throat and cough

You can use honey in many ways, It is a perfect natural substitute for refined sugar although take it in moderation If you don't want your figure to suffer.


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Ginger is rich in potassium, niacin, phosphorus and vitamin C, It is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps strengthen the defenses thus preventing flu and colds. If you have already fallen prey to the cold, ginger is an excellent ally to minimize symptoms while the disease continues its process. It has expectorant, antitussive and antibiotic properties.

You can include ginger in your menus by adding it to stews, soups, vegetable creams, smoothies, infusions … An infusion of ginger with lemon and honey is perfect to fight and treat colds and autumn colds.



It is one of the foods that are most associated with autumn and will help prevent colds and strengthen the immune system. How do you get this? Well, thanks to its beta-carotene content such as lycopene that gives it that characteristic orange color. These phytochemicals are transformed into antioxidants in the digestive system, compounds that protect cells from premature aging and strengthen the immune system. It also has vitamin A which is an extra help for defenses and cell regeneration.


If you already have a cold, Pumpkin helps relieve symptoms in bronchi and lungs. You can take it in soup, cream, warm salads, baked with spices, and also in drinks such as smoothies, coffees or infusions turning it into syrup, a preparation that every day is more fashionable.

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