5 foods that give more energy than coffee

If you are one of those who need an energy shot as soon as you wake up, this interests you. Because if you do not like coffee, or you want to do without it, and you have also made the wise decision to banish energy drinks from your life, you should know that there are other alternatives to wake up in the mornings. We propose alternatives based on foods that give more energy than coffee. None contain caffeine, but slow absorption hydrates, vitamins or antioxidants that will help you stay active.


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1. Rice

It may seem silly to have a bowl of rice for breakfast, but if Asians do it, it will be for something, right? Rice is a cereal provided with carbohydrates that act as fuel for our body. In addition, if we choose it integral, it will not only give us energy, but also a feeling of satiety that will prevent us from biting between hours.

2. Avocado

And if the previous idea doesn't convince you, you can try the avocado, which has already become the protagonist of any brunch worth its salt. It is true that its caloric content is high due to the amount of fat it contains. But beware, they are healthy fats that precisely make it a source of energy. It also contains potassium, folic acid, vitamin E and B6.

3. Almonds

Nuts, thanks to their fats, contribute to energy intake. But almonds do it especially, since a handful of 100 grams contains about 575 calories. Its acids are unsaturated and mostly oleic. In addition, they are very rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber. Of course, it is recommended not to exceed the daily ration of about 25 grams.

4. Dates

Do you know what Rafa Nadal's secret is to maintain energy during matches? This was stated by his personal doctor during a statement to the media. And no wonder: They are a source of natural sugars and healthy carbohydrates that provide energy. They are also rich in minerals such as potassium or magnesium. When it comes to consuming them choose natural branch dates and avoid those that are bathed in a layer of sugar.

5. Dark Chocolate

The purer the better. Dark chocolate (the one whose percentage of cocoa is higher than 70%) is an energy source, partly thanks to theobromine, a compound that is also present in caffeine. It is also rich in antioxidants, so it is very likely that an ounce of dark chocolate in the morning will wake you up faster than a cup of coffee.

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