5 foods rich in vitamin K to keep bones strong

One of the most visible symptoms of Vitamin K deficit is the appearance of bruises, bleeding problems and osteoporosis. If you want to maintain good health of iron and strong bones you should include these foods rich in vitamin K in your healthy diet (not recommended if you are taking oral anticoagulants).




Japanese women take it for breakfast and it is one of their secrets to maintain a longer and healthier life. Natto is a derivative of soybeans, the result of fermentation of soybeans, is rich in probiotics which are essential to keep the intestinal microbiota healthy, keep inflammatory diseases at bay and achieve effective weight control. It is an excellent food that contributes to strong and healthy bones.

You can include it in your healthy diet by taking it at breakfast like the Japanese or adapting it to the western lifestyle, serving it in salads or as a side dish for your dishes.



Vitamin K is abundant in green leafy vegetables and spinach is one of the most pigmented vegetables in hope color of the plant kingdom. Vitamin K helps maintain the flexibility of blood vessels, prevents bleeding, It's heart healthy and strengthens your bones and that's why you should add more spinach to your weekly menu.

Take preferably raw, in salads or green smoothies. They are foods of great nutritional value, and as a bonus they also help you eliminate toxins and are considered one of the best anti-aging foods.



They are rich in vitamin K and are especially recommended for people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases in addition to all those who want to take care of their bones and their circulatory system. They are also a powerful antioxidant, protect from damage caused by free radicals that prevent premature cell aging, strengthen the immune system and also bones and teeth, in addition to fighting anemia, fatigue and fatigue.

Perfect for slimming diets, for those who want to keep cholesterol at bay, for pregnant women for its high folic acid content and to prevent cardiovascular diseases. As you will see, they are not as sad vegetables as they are painted.

Pumpkin cream



Although Halloween has given him the fame of a terrifying and disturbing symbol, the truth is that it is one of the healthiest and most versatile vegetables, since its texture and flavor make it possible to prepare both sweet and savory recipes. It is rich in vitamin K, C and A, protects the immune system by preventing diseases. You can include it in your diet in biscuits, milkshakes, vegetable creams, salads, side dishes, with yogurt, in sauces …



Basil aromatic herbs that contain more vitamin K, two tablespoons of basil provide almost 30% of the recommended daily value of this vitamin Essential for blood clotting. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, in addition to having antibacterial properties.

Feel free to include basil in your salads, in sauces, juices and pizza! It gives them a delicious touch and you will also be strengthening the health of your bones and of the organism in general.

They are not all that they are but all that are so Include these foods in your next shopping list if you want to prevent bone problems and cardiovascular diseases.

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